Sexy underwear buyer real shot

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Compared with ordinary underwear, it is more visually sexy and exciting, and is loved by fun enthusiasts.However, buying sex underwear online often has problems such as inappropriate sizes and poor quality.Today, we have summarized some real photos and evaluations of sexy underwear buyers, providing some references for those who want to buy sex underwear.

1. "Special Sexy" -Plast hollow underwear

The design of this bow hollow underwear is very exquisite.Lace lace surrounds the body’s lines to create a gentle atmosphere.The cut -out design of the bow of the chest part is more prominently sexy.The buyer commented on this set of underwear "special sexy", and the fabric was soft and comfortable.

2. "High-end atmosphere" -genly diamonds sexy underwear

This set of gold diamonds is really "high -end atmosphere".The golden fabric gives people a sense of luxury, and the decoration of the diamond immediately enhances the texture of the entire underwear.More importantly, the size of this underwear is relatively comprehensive, and you don’t need to worry too much about the size matching before buying.

3. "Hormone tastes stronger"

This set of hollowed onswear underwear uses high elastic fabrics, which has a tight effect, but also allows the wearers to have a better sense of comfort.The large cutout design reduces the "conservative" feeling of the entire clothes and makes the hormone taste more strong.However, the size of this set of fun underwear is small. It is recommended to determine your size before buying.

4. "Topping Story" -Hei breasts sticker sex underwear

This set of purple breasts sticked in sexy underwear, which uses glue material to make the chest stand more standing.At the same time, the unique design of the strap and the bottom lace of this underwear also impressed people.The buyer’s attitude towards this underwear is also a consistent praise, thinking that it is conscience and sexy.

5. "Too transparent" -The transparent lace sexy underwear

Although this set of transparent lace -lals, although it is also well received by buyers, some people think it is too transparent.Especially under certain light, the underwear is too exposed and is not suitable for wearing in public.If you are only wearing at home, you can consider buying it.


This black -linked underwear uses thin lace fabrics.This design not only guarantees the breathability, but also makes the lines look smoother.The V -shaped design on the back of the underwear can freely adjust the tightness of the clothes, feel comfortable after wearing, and recommend it.

7. "Not bad" -on lace lace sexy underwear

This lace lace sexy underwear is quite soft.Even women with full breasts, wearing this set of underwear can show a beautiful posture.The buyer commented that this set of underwear is "good and good", which is not only full of sexy, but also a noble feeling.

8. "The neck is tight" -The lace looming underwear

This set of lace lace -out underwear has a pure black design.The tailoring of the neck looks very creative, while the lace fabric looks very soft.However, after wearing, you may feel a little tight in the neck. It is recommended to consider your own situation before buying.

9. "It will look relatively short"

This set of net red -explosive sexy underwear has a high popularity on the Internet.However, some buyers believe that this set of underwear is a bit too tight and will look shorter.If you are tall, you may need to choose the right size to avoid such problems.

10. "sexy and charming"

This set of petals is inlaid with drilling underwear, which is a very elegant design.The golden fabric, with the shiny diamond decoration, looks very noble.The petal design at the bottom of the underwear has a sense of softness.The buyer’s evaluation of this set of underwear is sexy and charming, and it is a very interesting lingerie worthy of having.

To sum up, sexy underwear is a very special underwear.When choosing to buy, you need to choose your own underwear style according to your body size and personal preference.It is hoped that the actual photos and evaluations of this article can provide some useful references for the majority of interesting enthusiasts.

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