Sexy underwear model novels

Sexy underwear model novels

The first audition

Graduated from Nanyi University, he has the appearance and fluent English spoken English.She soon became a top sexy underwear model and was invited to a large audition.

Audition requirements

During the audition, Nanxi quickly attracted the attention of the jury because of his tall body and delicate features.The members of these jury guided Nanshica to show various erotic lingerie, including sexual erotic lingerie, beautiful sexy underwear, adult sex lingerie and European and American sexy underwear.

Psychological stress

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The atmosphere of the audition scene was tense.Nanyi needs to keep his best state at all times, showing a unique temperament and aesthetics.She felt the huge pressure from the field and under the field.Struggling in her heart, but she successfully completed the audition.

think deeply

The photography and music behind are inseparable.Nanyi was told that each camera would record every movement of her at different speeds and angles so that her image could be better displayed in various advertisements and publicity.


Ten days later, Nanyi received a call from the company, and they told her that she was successfully selected as a model representative of sexy underwear.She was very happy.

First shooting

The first shooting was carried out before a large black background. The model wears a variety of erotic underwear. After relaxing, Nagaxi performed a perfect temperament and stabilized his mentality.


Because there are many different erotic underwear brands and models in the market, Nancy must accurately grasp their positioning, discover their own uniqueness, and keep and strengthen their advantages, so that the audience can deeply remember her.

Fetish Wear

Cooperate with customers

Nanyi and customers often work and communicate together to ensure the best results in brand propaganda.Customers are very satisfied with Nangaxi’s professionalism and attitude.

Interpersonal relationship

In the industry, interpersonal relationships between models are equally important.Nanyi not only established a close relationship with colleagues, but also established trust and respect with company leaders and customers.

Improving constantly

Nanyi improves his skills and ability, always maintains a good attitude, and absorbs experience and suggestions.She is honored to be a sexy underwear model, and has received extensive recognition and lofty evaluation in the industry.


Interest underwear models are a very promising occupation. Working in this field requires many hard power and soft power, such as physical management, temperament, foreign language ability, interpersonal relationships, etc.For those who want to enter this career, persistence and continuous improvement of themselves are the most important.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear models are a profession that requires courage and strength. Only by relying on their own talents and constant efforts can they succeed.