Sexy underwear plus perfume

Sexy underwear plus perfume

Add aroma to sexy underwear

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is the most important function is to bring sexy, temptation and other interesting enjoyment, and perfume is a tool that can add interest and mystery.Underwear and perfume will make it more tempting.

Choose suitable perfume and usage how to use

Not all perfumes are suitable for sexy underwear, because the fragrance is too strong or too irritating, which will affect people’s sensory experience.Therefore, you need to choose a kind of perfume that can create a soft and unique smell, and the correct use method can make the aroma more evenly distributed on the sexy underwear.

Spray at the right time and place

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The time and place of spraying perfume are also crucial.Appropriate time and place will make you more charming and attractive attention. At the beginning, you can choose a suitable perfume while buying sexy underwear; when you are ready to take off your underwear, spray perfume againEssenceIn addition, in the bathroom, toilet, bathroom and other places, it is also a place that is more suitable for spraying perfume.

The combination of aroma and sexy lingerie style

Pay attention to the style of sexy underwear when spraying perfume.For example, some light -style sexy underwear can choose light floral fragrance, while some sexy leopard erotic lingerie can selectively sexy aroma.Different styles of sexy underwear should be paired with corresponding perfumes to achieve better results.

The combination of aroma and sexy underwear color

In addition to the style of style, color matching is also necessary.Sexy underwear of different colors will be paired with different perfumes.For example, white erotic underwear can choose Violet fresh fragrance, while black sex underwear can use wood or oriental fragrance.

Understand the character of aroma

When you want to buy perfume, understanding the personality of perfume is also very important.Each perfume has different personalities, such as sweetness, sexy, relaxation, etc. Each aroma has unique effects and characteristics. Before purchasing, you can ask the shopping guide, or choose the appropriate perfume for your own consideration.

The amount of perfume should be moderate

The amount of perfume should not be too much or too much. Too much waste is not only unnecessary, but it will also make your aroma too strong, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling.Too little can also make the aroma unable to fully render, lose the meaning of aroma, and the amount of use is generally 2-3 below.

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Each aroma suitable season

Pay attention to using different perfumes in different seasons.For example, the refreshing floral fragrance or citrus flavor perfume is suitable for use in summer, and the sweet flower aroma perfume is suitable for use in spring.At the same time, do not ignore the temperature during use. Too cold and too hot will affect the aroma exfoliation effect.

Pay attention to aroma allergies

Some people are more sensitive to the aroma, and some people are not suitable for painting on the body because it may cause allergic reactions.You can try it before using perfume.Apply on your body and observe for a period of time. If you find uncomfortable reactions, you should stop using perfume and wash your sexy underwear in time to ensure personal hygiene and comfort.

Perfume is not a panacea

Even if the perfume is good, it is not a covered artifact for sexy underwear, because the sexy sexy underwear is not only reflected in the appearance, but also needs to be reflected in the inner self -confidence and gas field.Perfume is just a brighter effect, it is used well, but it is just embellishment, not all.


Interests and perfumes are things that increase charm and fun. The combination of the two will make the sexy underwear more sexy and charming.When using, pay attention to buying a suitable perfume, master the method of moderate use, and combine the color and style of sexy underwear, as well as many factors such as seasons to achieve the best effect.