Sexy underwear teacher exposed hip map

Sexy underwear teacher exposed hip map

1. Definition of sexy underwear

Sexual feelings are a kind of underwear designed specifically for increasing sexual interest. With their unique design, it has a strong stimulus to people in terms of visual and touch.It is different from ordinary underwear. Its design pays more attention to showing the sexy curve of women and the beauty of the body, making women emit a more confident and sexy charm.

2. Common sexy underwear types

There are many types of sexy underwear sold on the market, including role -playing underwear, stockings, hanging sticks, uniforms to seduce underwear, suspender pajamas, chest stickers, etc.They all have unique functions and characteristics, suitable for wearing different occasions.

Third, role -playing underwear

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Playing underwear is a more popular sexy underwear. According to different scenarios and role needs, the underwear is very rich in design, such as student girls, nurses, police, stewardess, maid, etc.This underwear can meet people’s fantasy needs and make interests stronger response.

Fourth, stockings, hanging sticks

Stockings and hanging stockings are one of the main items of women’s sexy underwear.They use different materials, with a variety of colors and styles, which can greatly increase the beauty and sexy of women’s legs.Whether it is pure painting or enchanting temptation, it can meet different types of needs.

Fifth, uniform temptation underwear

Uniforms seduce underwear include the design of many professional uniforms such as police, nurse, student, stewardess, maid, housewife, etc., which are very popular in stage performances and sexual elsewhere.This underwear not only increases sexual interest, but also makes the sex party more interesting and exciting.

Six, suspender pajamas

Dling pajamas are a thin and thin -material erotic underwear. They are usually composed of three parts: close -up corset, strap and thin cicada wing pants.The suspender pajamas are almost every female underwear for underwear. It is smart, light and transparent, suitable for various occasions.

Seven, chest stickers

The chest paste is a kind of close -fitting clothing that supports and wraps the chest. It does not require shoulder straps and straps. It is a very convenient sexy underwear, and it can increase the sexy charm of women, which makes people look bright.Women with small breasts and breasts can use chest stickers to increase sexuality with clothing.


Eight, sex lingerie matching skills

With different sexy underwear on different occasions, the sexuality can be maximized.Generally speaking, when wearing skirts, shorts, nights, etc., with appropriate stockings, hanging bars, even high heels, belts, etc., can play a better effect.

Nine, the maintenance method of sexy underwear

In order to keep the sexy lingerie beautiful for a long time, we need the correct maintenance method, such as: avoid friction, do not use bleaching water, and use anti -fading agent and other methods.At the same time, regular cleaning and drying should be kept to keep the underwear dry and breathable to prevent bacteria from breeding and affecting health.

10. Conclusion

The above is an introduction to sexy underwear. It can meet people’s sexual psychological needs, increase the passion of fun life, and make people feel sexual charm while enjoying beauty.It should be used correctly and maintaining them correctly, so that they can continue to bring us a wonderful experience.