Shu Qi 84th in Taiwan’s sexy underwear show

Shu Qi 84th in Taiwan's sexy underwear show

Shu Qi 84th in Taiwan’s sexy underwear show

In 1996, Shu Qi, who was only 21 years old at the time, participated in a sexy underwear show in Taiwan. Once exposed, it caused a sensation.It is worth mentioning that Shu Qi had not debuted at the time, but the show became the beginning of her career.

Shu Qi appeared in vests and shorts

That night, Shu Qi appeared in the outfit of the vest and shorts.This dress was a bit casual compared to other models at the time wearing sexual relationship, but it was loved by the audience.

Shu Qi’s personalized catwalk style

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In this sexy underwear show, Shu Qi stood out with a personalized catwalk style.Sometimes she walked easily and casually, sometimes bowed her head and smiled, sometimes pouting her eyes, and walked out of her unique style.

Shu Qi’s good figure

At that time, Shu Qi was slim and beautiful, attracting the audience to applaud.Her good figure also laid a good foundation for her career.

Shu Qi’s posture is natural

Although she was beautiful, Shu Qi looked very natural when she had a catwalk.She showed the sexy side with a beautiful posture, but she was dignified without losing her lady.

Shu Qi’s expression is expressive

In addition to the beautiful posture, Shu Qi’s expression also conveys the confidence and charm brought by sexy underwear.Her smiles, eyes, and beeping expressions show her extraordinary artistic talent.

Shu Qi cleverly matched with sexy underwear

In this sexy underwear show, Shu Qi’s clothing is very clever.She showed a variety of styles such as fashion, sexy, elegant elegance in various ways, and showing her keen vision and outstanding taste of clothing.


Shu Qi is unique

This sexy underwear show was a rare opportunity for Shu Qi at that time, and also proved her extraordinary talent.Since this show, Shu Qi has opened a beautiful star road and created his unique style.

Shu Qi’s artistic achievements

Over time, Shu Qi not only had a high popularity and good reputation in the film and television industry, but also had outstanding achievements in other art fields.She has been the theme of the art exhibition many times, and has also performed in the fields of music, literature and other fields.

in conclusion

Shu Qi, a Taiwanese sexy underwear show, established her position in the entertainment industry, and also set an example for the unique show style and personalized charm.She is undoubtedly a very sexy underwear expert and one of the examples we can learn.