Taobao sells sexy underwear selection category category

Taobao sells sexy underwear selection category category

Taobao is one of the world’s largest e -commerce platforms. It has a huge user group and complicated product types, which contains a large number of products involving sex products.If you want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao, it is very important to choose the correct category.In this article, we will discuss how to choose a sexy lingerie on Taobao to get more exposure and sales opportunities for your products.

1. Search for your competitors

Searching for your competitors on Taobao can help you understand the sexy lingerie category on the market, and at the same time you can find some potential opportunities.Through search, you can see which categories of competitors are selling their products, which categories are more popular, and which categories may be too saturated.

2. Study Taobao category

The level of Taobao’s category is a grade structure of logical order. Understanding it can help you choose the sexy lingerie category that suits you best.If your sexy underwear is for a specific customer group, then you need to find a more subdivided category.By studying Taobao categories, you can find more accurate categories and the most matched category with your products.

3. Follow the popular category

There are many popular sexy underwear on Taobao, such as human bondage, SM sex underwear, lace sexy underwear, sexy stockings, etc.These categories have a huge group of audiences. If your products match these popular categories, it is possible to get more exposure and sales opportunities in these categories.

4. Choose the category that suits you

When selecting sexy lingerie categories, choose the most suitable category according to your product characteristics and positioning.If your sexy lingerie styles are fashionable and popular, then you can choose some widespread categories, such as women’s underwear, ladies accessories, women’s shoes, etc.If your sexy underwear is targeted at specific customer groups, such as SM enthusiasts, stockings control, etc., then you need to choose a more segmented category.

5. Determine the product attribute

Each category has its own specific attributes. You need to determine your product attributes in order to correctly release the product.For example, in women’s underwear categories, it is necessary to fill in the attributes such as color, size, material, etc., and in the women’s shoe category, it is necessary to fill in the color, size, high heel or flat bottom, so you need to pay attention to how to fill in the class attributes.

6. Understand family category and brand category

Family category and brand categories are the unique classification of Taobao.Family category is aimed at all small categories under a large category, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, etc., and the brand category is a product of a specific brand.When choosing a category, you need to understand whether these special categories are suitable for your products.

7. View traffic index and search index

By viewing the traffic index and search index, you can understand the popularity and search quantity of a certain class.The flow index represents the traffic situation of a category on Taobao, and the search index indicates the number of searches related to the category in Taobao search.These indexs can tell you which categories are more popular and which categories need more attention.

8. Adjust the category and price strategy

If you sell in a certain category, you can try to adjust the category or price strategy to increase sales.You can try to find some subdivided categories or adjust the price, which may help you differentiate your products and increase sales.

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Choosing suitable sexy underwear categories is a very important step in Taobao sales.Understanding market conditions, familiar with Taobao category, paying attention to popular categories, and choosing the appropriate category according to product attributes are very important elements.Finally, remember to adjust the category and price strategy according to the actual situation to meet market demand and optimize sales.

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