Taobao sex underwear buyer Xiu collection

Taobao sex underwear buyer Xiu collection

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, many sellers often find buyer shows. These shows are photographed and uploaded by customers, showing the effects of women with different styles after wearing different styles of sexy underwear.Below, I will bring you some Taobao sex lingerie buyers. If you are still buying, you may wish to see these real renderings, which may help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Sexy black sexy underwear

Black is usually regarded as a classic color. If you want to buy a classic sexy underwear, you may consider the style of the black series.The sexy underwear of the black series can effectively increase the temperament and charm of women.The customer in the figure below is thin. After putting on this black underwear, she not only shows her beautiful figure curve, but also highlights the design of the underwear.

Lace style sexy underwear

If you want to buy a more sexy sexy underwear, you may wish to consider lace -style underwear.The figure below shows a lace -style underwear. It not only allows women to have the focus of visual attention, but also gives the other party a comfortable experience in touch.And this underwear is also equipped with lace high -waist pants, which will make you show the temperament of the goddess, and it is even more tall.


If you want to buy a whole set of sexy underwear, you can consider buying a sexy lingerie suit. This set is generally composed of two and lower pieces, and the styles and color matching are relatively uniform.The set of sexy underwear in the figure below uses a black and pink detail design. After putting it on, it looks sweet and sexy, and the entire underwear is full of design.

Sexy bellyband style

If you want a more sexy style, you can try the sexy underwear of the bellyband style.The design feature of the bellyband underwear is to present more skin outward, showing the beautiful curve of women’s bodies.The customers in the figure below put on this sexy bellyband underwear, showing the charm and sexy of women’s chests, and also more eye -catching.

Front buckle and rear buckle erotic underwear

The difference between the front buckle and the rear buckle of sexy underwear is the different positions of the buttons. It will affect the wearing and off the underwear. Which style prefers depends on personal preferences.The customers in the figure below chose different sexy lingerie. As soon as the customer was worn, the underwear was exposed, and the figure became more and more perfect.

Perspective sexy underwear

Ferry -style erotic underwear is especially suitable for women who want to show their beautiful curves, because the design of this perspective effect can vaguely reveal the skin and make the figure more beautiful.The picture below is a very good -seeking sexy lingerie. The underwear uses a combination of black and gold, which also highlights the design sense of the underwear.

Satin stands together in fun underwear

The erotic underwear made of satin and satin has a stronger texture and luxury, which can make women feel comfortable and elegant when wearing.The satin worn underwear worn by the model in the figure below not only retains the sexy of lace underwear, but it is more important to create an elegant and beautiful effect.

High -end custom -made sexy sheet

If you don’t mind spend some time and money, and better choose a customized sexy underwear, this can ensure better quality and comfort.The sexy underwear in the figure below is made of specially designed cutting according to the body’s body shape and needs. Not only is it better in texture, it can also show the unique charm of each woman itself.

Adjustable shoulder strap model sexy underwear

Because everyone’s body is very different, some sexy underwear shoulder straps are inseparable. At this time, please pay attention to the size of the size before purchasing. Once you buy inappropriate sizes, you will also bringGreat trouble.The adjustable shoulder straps in the figure below uses the style of the fun underwear, which can be perfectly worn in any size, which meets the needs of women’s perfect wear.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you should first consider your needs and body type to buy a style that suits you.Interesting underwear is not just a item used to show off. It should be an internal driving force to show the charming charm of women. Choosing a suitable underwear can exude their own beauty and show the charm of women.

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