Taobao sex underwear recruitment model

Why do Taobao sex underwear need to recruit models

Because Taobao sex underwear is sold on the Internet, consumers usually cannot try it on in physical stores. They need to attract consumers and express their longing and expectations for clothing.Therefore, it is very important to recruit some models suitable for brand characteristics and make sexy underwear.

What are the suitable models?

Models should be tall, slender, and highly coordinated.In addition, it is necessary to have a certain performance ability, which can show the temperament and characteristics of sexy underwear, and it is better to have experience.

How to recruit suitable models

Recruitment of suitable models can be used through various ways, such as independent recruitment, social media recruitment, and agency recruitment.You can also select the appropriate models by publishing recruitment advertisements or in some model brokerage companies.

How to shoot sex underwear shooting

First of all, you need to choose the right scene and light. While you are good at restraining the effect of the modeling arts at the same time, while maintaining the simplicity of the picture tone to reduce the interference of the audience.Secondly, it is necessary to determine the modeling and clothing selection of the model, and determine the characteristics of the brand and the style of the underwear.

Sexy underwear color choice

The color selection of sexy underwear is often more bright and lively, such as red and pink.Of course, different colors are selected according to the tone of the brand and the style of the underwear.

How to get hot selling?

Recruiting models suitable for brand characteristics, shooting sex underwear is not only a propaganda method, but also an important means to increase sales and brand awareness.Therefore, the effect of shooting needs to be consistent with the sales strategy of the Internet and the market scenario.

Interesting underwear packaging and delivery

The packaging and distribution of sexy underwear need to pay attention to confidentiality, and need to provide detailed services to consumers.Don’t be too gorgeous and exaggerated, you need to highlight the basic attributes of underwear.Delivery needs to ensure the safety and timely logistics and prevent deviations in logistics.

How to improve the comfort of underwear

For different underwear styles, different fabrics, and starting from details, improve the wearing experience of the underwear, and in the design of the underwear, close the curve of the human body to ensure the comfort and fit of the underwear.

How to innovate sexy underwear design

By understanding the needs and preferences of the target consumer group, combined with the characteristics of the brand itself, the design of erotic underwear with the times, digging the potential markets of underwear, developing new styles and styles, and improving the brand’s competitiveness.

How to maintain the brand image

As a very special category, sexy underwear needs to pay special attention to maintaining the normality and goodness of the brand image.Not only must the quality assurance of the product itself, but also need to be strengthened in terms of service and brand promotion.


Recruiting models suitable for brand characteristics and shooting sex underwear are important means to promote sexy underwear. Strict management and specifications should be carried out to ensure that the brand image and sales effect are good.

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