Tell the process of sex for sex underwear

How to wear sexy underwear is more interesting, it has always been the focus of attention.However, in addition to adding novel gorgeous feelings, sexy underwear can also be used as an important prop.Below, let’s talk about the sex process of changing to the sex underwear.

1. Preparatory phase: choose to buy fun underwear

Use sexy underwear in the process of sex, first of all, you must fully understand the underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only consider the style, material, size, color and other factors, but also choose according to your preferences, body shape and sex scenes.Try to avoid excessive underwear to ensure comfortable wear and avoid affecting the process of sex.

2. Heating stage: show body figure

When the two sides have a warm communication and have a strong sexual desire for each other, they can choose to show their figure at the beginning of sex.At this time, women can use sexy underwear as the medium, highlight their own curves, and make men feel a strong visual impact.

3. Guidance stage: Take off slowly

In the process of sex, gradually taking off your underwear can make the taste even heating up.Do not take off your sexy underwear in a hurry, you should keep as beautiful and challenging as much as possible.In the process of sex, with the action of flirting, you can gradually take off your sexy underwear and increase the irritation of sex.

4. Stimulation phase: leave a little

In the process of taking off women’s erotic underwear, if a small part of underwear is kept, the process of sex can be more exciting.Women only retain the upper body underwear or lower body underwear, which can make men’s excitement more easily stimulated and make the process of sex fuller.

5. Adventure stage: try diversified style

The rich style of sexy underwear adds more possibilities to sex.Both sides can try different styles of sexy underwear, such as mini Bikini, short sexy underwear, full -body sexy underwear, etc., to try to achieve more sexy experiences.

6. Interactive stage: Who will take off

In the process of making love, the two sides can produce more stimulus by taking off the sexy underwear of each other.The woman can take off the man’s sexy underwear, and it can also let the man take off the woman’s erotic underwear to increase the desire of sex.

7. Appreciation phase: appreciate each other

After taking off the sexy underwear, the two sides can appreciate each other’s body and strengthen emotional connections.You can use eyes or language to express your praise of the other person’s body, and to enhance the sexy experience of the sex process.

8. Respect stage: remove the useless underwear

In the process of having sex, some sexy underwear may have metal, accessories or other accessories.If these accessories affect sex, these redundant parts should be removed as soon as possible, mainly for the smoothness of sex.

9. Adjust the rhythm stage: Put back to underwear

In the process of sex, the two sides can choose to put on sexy underwear according to the rhythm and mood, or change the situation to increase the different experiences of sex.Correspondingly, you can also increase or decrease the number of wearing in the specific scenario to better adjust the rhythm and pace of sex.

10. Summary view:

The role of sexy underwear in sex cannot be ignored.Proper use of sexy underwear can add new interests to make sex more fun and charm.However, the premise of wearing sexy underwear is to ensure comfort, health, and safety.Only under these premise can you better enjoy the joy of sexy underwear.

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