The camera process of sexy underwear

The camera process of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear. It has a beautiful appearance design, and it also needs to show a sexy and personal effect.Therefore, you need to pay attention to some unique processes and skills for the shooting of sexy underwear.Let’s introduce them one by one.

Ready to put on a prop

First of all, before shooting sexy underwear, we need to prepare professional props to help us achieve good shooting effects.For example, you can prepare a thin tulle to increase the softness of the shooting screen.In addition, you can also prepare some props like roses, candles, bead chains to improve the feelings and beauty of shooting.

Choose the right shooting location

The location of sexy underwear needs to be appropriate. Natural light will make the shooting screen clearer and brighter. The indoor lights can improve the warmth and comfort of the picture.If the venue is limited, you can consider shooting the background on a smaller bed or sofa.

Pay attention to the image of the model

Models are one of the important elements of sexy underwear, because they need to wear underwear and show them.Models need to pay attention to their own image, for example, choose a underwear that suits you, make a light makeup, and so on.Yes, you may think that AI writing this is not appropriate because AI could not be put on makeup, but I still insist on saying it, letting you see some specific skills and requirements.

Grasp the angle of shooting

Shooting sex underwear needs to grasp the angle of shooting correctly, show the beautiful lines and highlights of the underwear, and maintain a good composition.It is recommended that the photographer raised or raised slightly in the machine. Pay attention to the full display of the background and show the color and texture of the scene.

Pay attention to the treatment of light and shadow

When shooting sexy underwear, the treatment of light and shadow plays a vital role.During the shooting process, the direction and intensity of the light can be adjusted appropriately. For example, the position of the light source is above, and a natural highlight can be made on the model’s face to increase the layering of the scene.Of course, you can also use a lampshade or other props to create different light and shadow effects.

Confirm the atmosphere

When shooting sexy underwear, shooting needs to create a comfortable, natural and sexy atmosphere.It is recommended to play a few mature and appropriate jokes to relax the atmosphere before shooting. At the same time, the photographer is best to take some supporting measures, such as putting some wedding photos or other family photos to enhance the favorability of the model and achieve a better one to achieve a better one.Cooperation status.

Color treatment needs to focus on unified

In sexy underwear shooting, although there are diverse colors and their patterns, it is necessary to ensure the unity of the picture style and visual effect of the photo when shooting.The adjustment of color contrast and the smooth processing of screen gradients are important topics.At this time, the photographer can use later software for coloring to unify the visual effect of the entire photo set.

Pay attention to details

During the use of sexy underwear, users need to have certain skills and special tastes.Therefore, when shooting sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to its details, and the picture must be clear and clear.Photographers can use macro lens to capture the texture and pattern details on the underwear to make the entire picture more perfect.

The overall effect is good

No matter what type of sexy underwear, the ultimate goal is to show a sexy effect.Therefore, when shooting, it is necessary to ensure that the overall effect of the entire work is better.It shows its unique charm and sexy charm, so that people can not only appreciate the picture, but also better value the actual use of sexy underwear.


The above is the process and skills of shooting sexy underwear. Although this process is higher than other shooting requirements, as long as you grasp every link in the entire process and pay attention to details, you can still take good photos effectsEssence

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