The fun underwear of buying it is great

Why does sex underwear taste taste

When buying new sex underwear, many people may find that sexy underwear has a strange taste.This taste may be the raw material, production process, transportation or warehousing, etc., which is often caused by long -term sealing.However, if you buy the sexy underwear too much, it may affect your experience.So how should we solve this problem?

Pay attention to choosing materials before buying

When buying sexy underwear, you can choose some natural materials without chemical additives, such as cotton or silk.These materials not only have good breathability, but also have no odor, and will not cause harm to the human body.Therefore, when purchasing, you can give priority to the underwear of these materials, which can effectively reduce the taste problem.

Put the underwear in the ventilation place first

If you buy the sexy underwear you buy, you can remove the underwear first and place it in the ventilation place, and open the packaging bag to let the underwear exuding the taste. The ventilation time is generally 2-3 days.It is recommended not to expose the sun in the straight sun, so as not to make the underwear yellow or deform.

Try to clean

If you are troublesome, you can also clean the sexy underwear directly and make it clean and transparent.Note that choose a detergent suitable for underwear materials, do not use bleach, and thoroughly rinse after washing, otherwise it may have a adverse effect on the skin.After washing, you can use a soft agent to remove the odor.

Pay attention to storage

When the sexy lingerie is cleaned, be sure to dry it until it is completely dry and then put it in the wardrobe. Do not put the just -cleaned erotic underwear directly into the wardrobe or a sealed bag. This can easily produce the odor again.

Use professional deodorizer

If you still can’t effectively remove the odor of sexy underwear, you can try to use some professional disinfection agents or disinfectants.There are methods and dosage on the use of packaging, please read the instructions carefully and use it according to the instructions.

Perfume or dew is harmful

In order to cover the flavor of underwear, some people may spray perfumes or dew water.Although this method has some effects, it is not recommended.This is because chemicals such as perfume can stimulate the skin or cause adverse reactions such as allergies, which is harmful to human health.

It is recommended to advocate environmental protection

In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues. Many clothing companies have also invested environmental protection research and development to produce green products that do not add harmful substances. The odors produced by these products will be greatly reduced during use.Therefore, it is recommended that consumers give priority to environmentally friendly underwear when buying. If everyone can do this, I believe that the effect of underwear will effectively improve.

in conclusion:

After the above method of solving the problem, the taste of sexy underwear bought back is no longer a problem.We can give priority to choosing environmentally friendly underwear, dry and clean the underwear as soon as possible, pay attention to storage and use professional specializers and other methods to improve the smell problem.At the same time, we also need to advocate environmental protection, pay attention to health, and control the odor of underwear from the source.In this way, you can enjoy the beauty of sexy underwear while protecting your health.

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