The leader bought me sexy underwear for me

Leader’s request

One day, in the company’s conference room, the leader suddenly asked me a very embarrassing question: "Have you bought sexy underwear?" My face was red instantly.The leader went on to say, "We want to launch a series of sexy products. I hope you are responsible for choosing and buying some sexy underwear as samples. Please complete the task within a week."

Understand the affair

I realize that I must understand love underwear to meet the requirements of leaders.I started to browse various sexy underwear online, understand different styles and materials, familiar with domestic and foreign brands and styles, and also noticed different consumer groups and market demand.

Brand choice

When choosing sexy underwear, I will choose some well -known brands. These brands have high -quality underwear materials, which fits the tastes of Volkswagen consumers and reasonable prices.I will guarantee that the styles and design of these brands meet the needs of the mainstream market.

Style and design

When choosing sexy underwear, I will pay attention to styles and design.Different consumer groups have different preferences and needs.In order to satisfy different groups, I will choose a variety of styles and designs, including lace, perspective, mesh, split, and restraint, which will also cover a variety of body shapes in size.

Consideration of materials

Sex underwear is usually made of cotton, polyester, silk, fiber and other materials.When choosing, I will consider air permeability, softness, elasticity, and texture.I will choose to have no irritating materials for the skin, and also pay attention to the details and quality of the material.

Color choice

Color is an important factor in sexy underwear design.I will choose different colors to meet different needs.Black is suitable for passion, white is suitable for pure, red suitable for romance, and purple is suitable for mystery.When choosing colors, I will also consider factors such as brands, styles and consumer groups.

Market demand

When choosing sexy underwear, I will consider market demand.I will pay attention to the trend and hotspots of the sexy underwear market, and understand the expectations and needs of consumers for sexy underwear.I will also adjust the procurement plan based on customer feedback.


As a sexy underwear expert, we believe that choosing sexy underwear needs to be tailor -made.According to the needs of different consumer groups, the characteristics of the brand, and the trend of the market, we formulate a procurement plan suitable for enterprises.I will establish long -term cooperative relationships with brand vendors and sellers to ensure the quality and services of sexy underwear.

Work summary

After completing this task, I have a deeper understanding of the sexy underwear market.Not only to choose love underwear, but more importantly, to understand the brand, style, design, market demand, and consumer expectations.Only in these aspects of deep understanding can we launch more sexual products that are close to market demand.


As an expert in sexy underwear, I think the competition in the sexy underwear market is getting more and more intense.Brand, quality, design, market demand, and customer service are key factor.We should work hard in all aspects to gain competitive advantages in the market.

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