The manager asked me to wear sexy underwear


My name is Xiaoyu and has been working in the company for 8 months.This company is an emerging fashion brand. I am here to work in the design department and hold the position of assistant designer.

Manager’s requirements

One day, the company’s boss told me that I needed to design sexy underwear for a new product series.I feel a little nervous because I don’t have much experience to deal with this task.And my manager told me that I need to wear sexy underwear to better understand the characteristics of the product and where the need to be improved.

My reaction

When I heard this requirement, my mood was very contradictory.I was shocked by the word sex underwear. On the other hand, I felt that this was an opportunity. If I could learn more knowledge and experience from it, I would grow more.

Choose love underwear

In order to meet the requirements of my manager, I need to choose a sexy underwear suitable for me.I need a underwear that can perfectly display product design, while meeting professional ethics standards.

Feeling on sexy underwear

When I put on a fun underwear, I felt a little embarrassed and shameful.After all, this is the first time I wear such clothes and work on it.I try to adjust my emotions and make myself adapt to this new experience as soon as possible.


When I was wearing a sexy underwear, my manager assigned me some jobs.He asked me to complete these tasks in the best way and submit my design scheme within a week.

Product design scheme

I worked very seriously this week.I tried various solutions and creativity to design these sexy underwear.I pay attention to every detail, and adjusting every inappropriate place is my design plan.


A week later, I prepared my product design plan and showed my manager.I would laugh at my heart, because I knew I had paid a lot of effort and time to design these satisfactory works.


In the end, this experience taught me a lot.I learned how to surpass my comfort zone and try new things.I learned how to keep calm, careful and focused in a challenging environment.I found that as long as you are willing to try, you will gain more growth and development opportunities.

in conclusion

I believe that everyone can get inspiration from this experience.No matter what kind of challenge you are facing, as long as you try hard to try and do your heart, you will definitely succeed and learn more knowledge and experience from this experience.

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