The micro -film of the sexy underwear courier


As a special underwear, sexy underwear has always been loved and sought after by women.With the popularity of e -commerce and the development of express delivery business, more and more women choose to buy sexy underwear through the Internet and send them to their homes through express delivery.Sometimes, these courier become the secret protectors and friends of women.In this article, we will explore a micro -film about sexy underwear courier and the moral value contained in it.

Line summary

The protagonist of the story is a courier responsible for sending sexy underwear.He is ordinary and simple, upholds a kind heart.In his work, he tirelessly sent a variety of sexy underwear to female customers. Although he didn’t say anything, he knew that these underwear was designed to attract men.Surprisingly, the courier did not have any prejudice to the choices of these women.

Courier’s encounter

On the way to the courier, he often encounters various difficulties.Some women give disdainful eyes because of the special work of the courier, and even show disgust without covering up; sometimes, some men will ask him strange questions and question him on the grounds.When the courier encounters these difficulties, he will not feel discouraged or shrinking.On the contrary, he will continue to work and maintain his ordinary mentality to face others’ questions and doubts.

Women’s choice

The women appearing in this story are consumers who buy sexy underwear through the Internet.The reasons they choose are different, some are for their own private life, and some are to add interest to their lover.Even if the courier knows the secrets of these women, they have never thought of any disturbance and harassment.

Courier’s thinking

When the courier works alone, he will think about some deep problems.He will ask himself, what should we think and treat when a person’s choice is not the mainstream?Should we maintain an open and tolerant attitude to accept different cultures and choices?

Colleagues of courier

In this story, the colleagues of the courier complained and disdain about his work.They feel that sending fun underwear is a shameful thing. They think that the courier stands and sprinkle water, and it is better to make tea on a lot of tea.Although the courier was under pressure and discrimination of colleagues, he did not change his values and temperament and continued to continue.

The sense of justice of the courier

The climax of the story appeared on a female customer. The underwear she purchased was not delivered, and she received unpretentious delivery information.The courier learned the truth of the problem through the exchange with female customers, and found that one of his colleagues sold these goods privately.The courier decided to expose the incident. Although this would cause trouble for his colleagues, he believed that this was justice.

Ending of the story

At the end of the story, the courier solved the problem of female customers and revealed the disease in clearly.His colleagues were also punished for his wrong behavior.The most important thing is that those women who have been revealed have always chosen to believe in the kindness and justice of the courier.

Moral value thinking

This micro -movie made us think about many issues about human and moral value.We should respect everyone’s choice and cultural background, and to maintain an open and tolerant mentality; when facing stress and difficulties, we must adhere to our own value and principles, do not easily compromise and give up;When abnormal phenomena, we should be brave to expose and defend justice and fairness.


This micro -movie is full of rich emotions and moral values. It shows us an ordinary and brave humanity, conveying many profound thinking about life and life.We should draw strength and wisdom from it, think and reflect more deeply, and become better humans.

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