The panties of the panties that break the numbness

What is the panties that break the numbness?

The panties that break the numbness refers to the use of old, wearing or not fit underwear.These underwear is not only unhealthy, but also affects the image of the wearer.Wearing the panties that break the numbness may cause other people’s resentment and discomfort, especially when talking about love and intimate contact.

Why wear sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear that people experience more sexy and pleasure through it.Wearing sexy underwear can help people enhance sexual impulse, tease and attract the eyeballs of their partners, and naturally increase happiness and satisfaction.

Types of sex underwear

Sex underwear has a variety of types such as pajamas, corsets, underwear, stockings, slings and tights.These underwear have one thing in common that people can get more enjoyment and satisfaction in clothing.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear can have a lot of choices.Common sexy lingerie materials include silk, wool, lace, cotton, nylon, etc.People can choose materials according to their preferences and needs, or they can choose materials according to seasons and occasions.

The color of sexy underwear

The color of sexy underwear is also diverse.For example, black is a color that makes people feel mysterious, sexy, and elegant; red is a color that makes people feel enthusiastic, passionate, and teasing; white is a push to wearer to fresh, simple, innocents color.People can choose colors according to their needs and personality.

Size of sex underwear

The size of sexy underwear is very important.If the underwear is too tight, it will lead to discomfort and difficulty, and those who are too loose will affect beauty and sexy.When buying sexy underwear, people must accurately measure their size and height, and choose the appropriate size and style.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

The materials of sexy underwear are more delicate, so you need to be careful.Generally, sexy underwear is not suitable for machine washing. When washing, use cold water and neutral detergent to avoid using bleaching water and strong detergent.After washing, squeeze it gently with a towel, and do not rub it hard.To prevent direct sun drying when drying.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear varies from brand, material, style, etc.Generally speaking, the price of sexy underwear is slightly higher than that of ordinary underwear.However, wearing erotic underwear allows people to get more pleasure and satisfaction in sex games and sexual life, so people can choose according to their needs.

in conclusion

Wearing the panties that break the numbness may make you lose your identity and dignity, and even affect your image and self -confidence.Therefore, we should insist on wearing a healthy, elegant, and sexy sexy underwear to make ourselves happier, confident and satisfactory.

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