The previous sexy underwear of the object

Understand the sexy underwear worn by the object before

When you have a close relationship with someone, it is important to understand each other’s sexual preferences.Interest underwear is a prelude that makes people more sexy, and it can also provide more stimuli to make sex more interesting and pleasant.Therefore, it is a good idea to understand what kind of sexy underwear you have worn.

Black lace sexy underwear

Black lace sexy underwear is a very classic choice. Many women like this simple and rich inner suit.This type of sexy underwear is the most common is half cup of bras and lace sexy underwear, but there are more other changes.If your object is a woman who often likes to emit enthusiasm, then she has a high probability of wearing such a sexy lingerie.

Set color sexy underwear

Set color underwear is usually a sexy underwear with too bright colors and thinner functions, which is generally only used in short -term sex games.If your target once wore such sexy underwear, it may mean that she likes some short and strong experiences, but she may not be so enthusiastic every day.

Perfecting sexy underwear

Permaneous sexy underwear is made of translucent light and light silk or lace. Most of them are used for night time. They will reveal some women’s body and sexy outlines, but they will not be fully displayed.If your target has passed through seeing sexy underwear, she may be a more dignified and conservative person, and it is not very inclined to be too sexy.

Student uniform sexy underwear

Student uniforms sexy underwear is a sexy underwear made by imitating the uniforms of campus middle school students. The girl looks very cute.If your object likes this kind of sexy underwear, she may be a person who is more shy or wants to play a role in a sex game.

Leather sex underwear

Most leather sex lingerie is used in some special and personalized scenarios, such as SM games.If your target has worn leather underwear or wants to put on it, then she may be a person with a more alternative personality preference.

Fun sexy underwear

The uniform sex underwear imitates vocational clothing such as maids, police, or princess, and has strong interaction. It is transformed into another side or executing task in an ordinary identity.If your target once wore a uniform erotic underwear, it shows that she has good imagination and expression, and likes to play role -playing games.

Low erotic underwear

The lace sexy underwear is usually made of light and soft fabrics, which can be lace lace, silk and satin fabrics.This sexy underwear is a good choice for comprehensiveness, and it is easy to combine a vitality and aura image with a more sexy image.If your object likes lace -ups, she is a more feminine, romantic and gentle woman.

Net -like sexy underwear

Net -shaped sexy underwear is made of mesh fabric, which usually covers a person’s entire chest and lower area.This sexy underwear can provide greater visual impact, and at the same time can enhance the body’s feeling.If your target has been wearing a net sexy underwear, she may be a bold and enthusiastic woman.

Pure cotton sexy underwear

Pure cotton sexy underwear is a choice of comfortable and naturalism. Most pure cotton sexy underwear is designed to be a comfortable and soothing environment.If your target once wore a pure cotton and sexy underwear, then she is likely to be a person who pays attention to nature and comfort.


Finally, it should be noted that everyone has different preferences. It is not because your object once passed through a certain type of sexy underwear, and he thought that she was completely obsessed with this type of sexy underwear.The best way is to have a frank and open communication with your object.Understand the needs of your objects and make your sex experience more pleasant and pleasant.

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