The quality of sexy underwear on the Internet is too poor

The quality of erotic underwear is worrying

In today’s Internet era, from daily necessities to luxury goods, they can be purchased online.Among them, sexy underwear is a special product. Because of its privacy and sensitivity, many people choose to buy online.However, with the popularity of online shopping, the quality problems of some online sex lingerie have gradually become highlighted.

The appearance is not in line with the real thing

Many people find that the sexy underwear received is very different from the pictures displayed on the website.In order to increase sales, some websites deliberately create false propaganda effects, causing consumers to disappoint after buying.In order to save costs, some websites will use materials and craft products that are different from website pictures, so that consumers cannot choose.

Discharge of fabrics

Sex underwear is usually made of sexy materials, such as lace, net eye, etc., but the overly complicated processing unions make the fabrics imbalance and affect human health.Moreover, due to high privacy, some merchants use low -quality materials, resulting in more serious ventilation problems.

Bagged size

The size of sexy underwear is very important because only the appropriate size can achieve sexy effects.However, due to the relatively late development of the domestic sex underwear market, many manufacturers cannot even provide the correct size.Consumers can only be based on their own experience or guessing, resulting in unsuitable size to make the entire dressing experience very uncomfortable.

Rough workmanship

Due to the rapid order volume, some erotic underwear websites have adopted a lower -cost production method, which leads to problems such as rough workmanship, scattered lines, and uneven edges.Such underwear is not only difficult to wear, but also affects your image.

Patch together

Some sexy underwear merchants use cheap materials and craftsmanship, resulting in phenomenon of patchwork of materials.This type of underwear is made of a variety of different fabrics and many small pieces. However, such underwear is basically impatient, it is easy to break and lodge, and it is easy to cause inconvenience and embarrassment.

Do not meet the standard of hygiene

It should be noted that some merchants with sex underwear do not do well in product hygiene management and anti -counterfeiting.On many e -commerce platforms, sexy underwear has been sought after by a large number of consumers because of its cheap price.However, some of these sexy underwear are worrying.

Can’t determine the brand source

In some unknown erotic underwear manufacturers, because they have no orthodox brand resources, they cannot use high -quality products and lack continuous brand support.Therefore, when you buy, you must pay attention to whether the brand is formal, whether the source of product sources and whether the quality is reliable.


In general, the quality of sexy underwear on the Internet is not very reliable. In the short term, it is cost -effective to buy cheap sexy underwear, but in the long run, it is a more wise choice to choose a brand and formal websites or physical stores.EssenceGrasp the quality of interest underwear can make your heart more confident, wear more freely, and show a more charming style.Protecting your physical health is also an important choice without blame.

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