The sexy underwear is good -looking at the breasts

The sexy underwear is good -looking at the breasts

For some women with full breasts, they may be more difficult when choosing sexy underwear, because compared with plump women, the selection range is relatively small, and different styles of sexy underwear will also have different effects on different chest shapes.Here, we will recommend a few sexy underwear suitable for women who are not very big.

1. Net gauze underwear

Wearing mesh underwear can naturally show the curve of women, and at the same time, it also conveys a sexy and charming atmosphere.More importantly, the characteristics of the mesh can increase some epitome, which is also helpful for women with not full breasts.

2. Half cup underwear

Half -cup underwear is a good choice for women with smaller chests, because they have more support and collecting effects, which can make the chest look fuller.Half -cup of underwear often use thick pads, which can cleverly modify the chest.

3. Plus -type triangular cup underwear

If you think the half -cup of underwear is too grand, you can try a plump triangular cup underwear.The unique design of this underwear can make the chest more outline and make the chest line more moving.

4. Expansion of underwear

The design of the expansion of the underwear can be harvested to expand the chest, and it is more rounded.It is a good choice for people who expand their chests.

5. S three -dimensional cup underwear

The most important feature of a three -dimensional cup underwear is that it has three -dimensional cutting, which can better wrap the chest, and at the same time, it also has the effect of improving the chest.

6. Lace underwear

Lace’s sexy underwear is also a good choice.It can weaken the deficiencies of the chest, lengthen the body lines, and make women look more beautiful.

7. Takoids underwear

Putting high -necked underwear or other sexy underwear with high -necked design in winter can not only keep warm, but also embellish the body shape.The high -necked underwear can increase the area on the chest, making the figure more beautiful.

8. Stroke underwear

Stroke underwear can achieve different fit through the adjustment of loose bands. It is more appropriate for women with not too large cups, because it can adjust the looseness of loose band according to their own chest shape, which is more conducive to highlighting the figure.


The above is a few sexy underwear suitable for women with not full breasts. Although the physical conditions are different, it is difficult to have an underwear suitable for all women, but choosing a sexy underwear that suits them should be done.In order to get closer to your body in the colorful and colorful underwear world and get out of your sexy style.

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