The sexy underwear left after the hotel checks out

Sexy underwear has become a problem with the hotel after checking out

After checking out in the hotel, guests often sort out the rooms they live in and take away all the items.However, sometimes there are some accidents, such as guests forgot to take away their own items, including sexy underwear.These "omissions" have brought a lot of trouble to the hotel.

Why does this happen?

First of all, some guests will perform private activities in the room, and they may lose or forget the items when they are excited.Secondly, some guests have forgotten to take away personal belongings for various reasons when packing their luggage.Furthermore, some guests may have a hurry when they leave the hotel and have neglected the inventory of items.

What impact will these sexy underwear have on the hotel?

For guests, omitted items may cause embarrassment.For hotels, these items will appear in front of the logistics departments and cleaning staff, and they may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with these items.In addition, if the hotel cannot handle these items in time, it may have an impact on later guests.

How should the hotel handle the sexy underwear left by the guests?

The hotel should check the item inspection before the guests leave the room to ensure that the guests take away all their own items; if the guests still have the items left in the room, the hotel should contact the guests in time and handle it as soon as possible;The items should be processed safely.

What should be paid attention to when safety treatment?

The hotel should put the guest’s interest underwear in a specialized garbage bag, and then hand it over to professional enterprises for processing.At this time, the hotel should pay attention to protecting the privacy of the guests and avoid leaking the personal information of the guests.

How to protect the privacy of guests?

The hotel should protect the privacy of the guests in the process of properly handling items, and must not leak the guest’s personal information to others.To achieve this, the hotel can take the following measures:

Divide the items to the door, and you must not mix the items;

Seal on the garbage bag;

When notifying the professional enterprise, indicate the word "personal items";

Give items to qualified enterprises for processing.

What kind of support should the hotel’s interesting life be supported?

For customers who want to experience a sex life in the hotel, the hotel can provide support.for example:

Prepare sex products in the room to meet the needs of guests;

It allows guests to move in with sex products and provide safe and proper storage locations.Guests can bring their own sexual products when they leave.

Customized services combined with the actual situation of the hotel

The hotel should formulate the corresponding service solution according to its own situation:

Strengthen employee training and improve service quality;

Formulate sex life support services;

Category management, do items well.

The needs of guests are the most important considerations for the hotel’s most important consideration

As a place to receive guests, hotels should fully respect the needs of guests.If the guests bring their own sexy underwear, the hotel should protect their privacy, take the guest as the respect, and provide guests with personalized and professional services.

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