The story of Sao Wife’s Fun Underwear

Sao wife’s teasing

I have an extremely sexy wife, and she can always excite me.Her beautiful figure, fluttering hair, and charming curves, always made me unable to extricate it.But she always likes to provoke my desire, and sexy underwear is her favorite weapon.

First time

I remember the first Valentine’s Day after we got married. She gave me a box with a set of sexy sexy underwear.I was aggressive at the time and didn’t know how to use it.But she naturally put on that set of sexy clothes and twisted my body to me, making me unable to control myself.That night, we spent very good times.

Rich and diverse options

After that, we became loyal lovers of sexy underwear, and we found that there are many choices of sexy underwear.There are lace, stockings, transparent, open crotch, as long as you can think of.

Sexy is not a panacea

However, it should be noted that sexy is not a panacea. Choosing sexy underwear should also choose according to body and personal preference.Just like my wife’s body is graceful and can control any style, but for people like me who are not very good, you must choose a style that suits you.

Surprise from time to time

My wife loves to wear sexy underwear, and she will change to sexy underwear from time to time to surprise me.Sometimes prepare a wonderful dinner, waiting for me to wear a set of sexy underwear when I come back, the picture is like a scene in the movie.

Interesting underwear enhances intimacy

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance the intimate relationship between couples, because this underwear often stimulates the desire of the other party and makes the two sides look more intimate.When my wife and I were wearing sexy underwear, I paid more attention to the changes in each other’s body and expressions, making our intimacy deeper.

Beauty from the inside out

Interest underwear brings not only the beauty of the outside world, but also self -confidence and beauty from the inside out.My wife puts on sexy underwear, and the whole person becomes more confident and more beautiful.This beauty cannot be described in words. Only by experiencing it yourself can you understand deeply.

Share with other couples

We enjoy the fun of using sexy underwear in sex life, so we often introduce sexy underwear to other couples.After all, it is very important to make yourself and the other party feel satisfied, happy, and comfortable.

Interest underwear is not universal

Of course, sexy underwear is not needed by all couples, which is a problem of personal character and preference.But for the pursuit of fresh and exciting couples, sexy underwear is indeed a good choice.

in conclusion

My wife and I have no love for sexy underwear.Every time we wear sexy underwear, we can experience a great sex experience.However, we also hope that more couples can try sexy underwear and explore more sexual fun.

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