There are many pictures of Taobao sex underwear shop

There are many pictures of Taobao sex underwear shop

Interest underwear has been considered a high -level and luxurious enjoyment, and this concept has been broken now, and the sexy underwear has become more and more civilian. Taobao sex lingerie stores have also become an important channel for people to buy sexy underwear.However, there are many sexy underwear merchants on Taobao. Faced with so many choices, how to choose suitable sex underwear has become a problem of many people.This article will share the purchase skills of Taobao’s sexy underwear shop.

1. Understand the characteristics of your body

Interest underwear is usually a close -fitting underwear, so you must first understand the characteristics of your body before buying, and choose the size of your own size.If you don’t know your size, you can view the size of the business provided by the merchant, consider your own figure characteristics and refer to the previous purchase experience.

2. Determine the degree of sexy

The sexy degree of sexy underwear in different styles is also different. From the fresh and cute Japanese style to the sexy temptation European and American style.Before choosing, you need to determine the sexy level and style you want.

3. Select fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear is very important, and it is also one of the key factors for buying.When choosing fabrics, you should give priority to the skin feel.It is a good choice such as cotton and silk material, etc. It is a good choice.

4. Select color

Color is an indispensable part of sexy underwear. Taobao sex lingerie shop is rich in color and diverse. From dark tone to light -colored and colorful color, you can choose.When choosing colors, you need to consider your skin color and personal preferences to avoid incompatibility.

5. Pay attention to styles

The style of sexy underwear is also a problem that you need to pay attention to when buying.From briefs to three -point style, different styles apply different occasions and wearers.Check the relevant styles online, refer to the matching experience of others, and find a style that suits you.

6. Browse comments

When choosing Taobao sex lingerie stores, in addition to prices and products, comments are also issues that need to be considered.By browsing the comments on the previous pages, you can learn about other customers’ evaluation of the store and products and get more objective evaluations.

7. Compare merchants

When choosing Taobao sex lingerie stores, you need to compare multiple comparisons, such as price, discounts, product types, services, etc., so as to decide which merchant to choose. At the same time, you also need to consider whether the source of supply is reliable and whether the after -sales service is perfect.

8. Confirm logistics

Before paying, you must pay attention to logistics issues and confirm the delivery speed and logistics distribution method of merchants.You can view the relevant logistics information on the merchant’s details page or ask the merchant customer service staff to understand the relevant logistics information in advance to help better grasp the time.


There are indeed many choices for Taobao sex underwear stores, but at the same time, there are also false publicity and exaggeration of publicity.Before buying, you need to understand your own needs, the types and styles you need to buy, and choose the appropriate Taobao sex underwear store through comparing merchants and browsing comments to obtain a better shopping experience.

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