There are sexy underwear suitable for the belly

What sexy underwear is suitable for women with belly?

Falling underwear is a good way for many women to show their sexy charm, but for some women, wearing sexy underwear may make them feel uncomfortable.Especially those women with some fat on the abdomen may feel very challenging when choosing a sexy underwear suitable for them.

However, even women with a belly can wear sexy and charming, just choose sexy underwear suitable for their bodies. Here are some sexy underwear suitable for women with belly.

Frequent erotic underwear with unobstructed breasts

If your chest is plump, you can consider choosing a bra that is completely unobstructed, so that others’ sight can be transferred from the abdomen to the chest, achieving the effect of dispersion, and making you more sexy.

Loose and comfortable sexy underwear

If you are not confident in your belly, you can choose some loose sexy underwear. These underwear can properly block your fat and make you feel more comfortable and comfortable.For example, the waist -shaped sexy underwear, or the close -up shoulders and sexy underwear are all very good choices.

High -leg sexy underwear

High -leg sexy underwear can show long legs, allowing people’s eyes to move down from the abdomen, reducing the attention of the abdomen, and Highleg is very sexy and charming, which can bring more visual pleasure.

V partitioning sheet

Women with a belly try to avoid choosing sexy underwear designed as much as possible, and choose some more comfortable and breathable underwear.It is best to choose a V -neck sexy underwear. The design of the V -neck can transfer the sight of others from the abdomen. At the same time, it shows the female clavicle and chest curve of women to increase the visual sexy sensation.

Stockings sex set

If your stomach is more obvious, it is recommended to match the stockings fun set to play a role in "lengthening the shape" visually, making you look more slender.

Black slimming body

If you want to have a more obvious weight loss effect, you can choose a black weight -loss body.They can be tightly wrapped in the abdomen, providing an appropriate amount of support and improving the effect of the shape, and can also enhance your confidence.

Sexual design sexy underwear

Some asymmetric design of sexy underwear can disperse the attention of abdominal fat through visual errors. For example, once you choose a bandwidth sexy underwear, others’ eyes will stay on the side, and try to adjust the focus of the eyes.

Nude color sexy underwear

The meat color is different from white, and it can effectively hide the flaws of the body shape. For example, choosing naked pornographic underwear can visually cause the illusion that the actual situation of the belly cannot be judged. At the same time, it can also show your skin tone and make you look more sexy.

Transparent lace sexy dress

If you are not shy, you can choose transparent lace sexy underwear.Although they do not have a strong cover, because of the transparency of fabrics, they can let others look down instead of looking up, thereby reducing the attention of the abdomen.

Sexy word shoulder -shoulder and sexy underwear

The word shoulder -to -shoulder underwear can cover the shoulders and back, making the upper body more narrow, beautiful and sexy. At the same time, it can disperse the attention of others and reduce the attention of the abdomen.

in conclusion

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only show the sexy charm of women, but also help women to shape a confidence and positive image.I hope that the above -mentioned sexy underwear suitable for women with belly can help you.

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