Those things in sex underwear H

Those things in sex underwear

Falling underwear is a type of underwear that integrates sexy, fashionable and mysterious.As one of the privacy of women, sexy underwear can not only have a variety of themes and styles, but also make women’s body line more tempting and fascinating.So how do you choose sexy underwear and how to wear it?Let’s take a closer look.

1. Types of sexy underwear

Sexual underwear can generally be divided into several basic types, such as lace underwear, net eye underwear, leather underwear, hollow underwear, etc.Different sexy underwear has different characteristics and applicable people, and we need to choose according to our body and personality.

2. Sexy underwear suitable for all types of figure

Sexy underwear needs to be selected according to the figure. Women like a plump chest can choose to gather or squeeze sexy underwear; if the waist is full, you can choose high waist underwear or even body underwear. These types of underwear can achieve the beauty of the body.Effect.

3. Falling underwear to wear skills

Wearing a sexy underwear is not simply to inspire sexual desire, and more often to increase self -confidence to yourself.If you want to wear the effect, we can match clothing according to personal characteristics.Of course, you can also choose to show some different parts, such as back, side waist, etc., while increasing temperament and charm, while attracting each other’s attention.

4. Color choice of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear of different colors represents different personalities and emotions. For example, red represents enthusiasm, enthusiasm, passion, etc.; Black represents mysterious, mature, calm, etc.Of course, the choice of color also needs to consider personal skin color and preference, and use the color that suits you most to show the most perfect heart.

5. Selection of sexy underwear brands

There are many erotic underwear brands on the market, and each brand has its own characteristics and selling points.When choosing a brand, you need to consider the strength, credibility, and the style suitable for your own. You must choose a regular, quality and reliable brand.

6. Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is generally made of high -end fabrics, so special attention is needed in maintenance.Use a neutral detergent when cleaning. Do not dry it, let alone expose it directly in the sun.It can be stored in a ventilated place and stored with clean bags to avoid pollution.

7. Fashionable matching of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can also be matched with other clothing, especially in some fashionable occasions, with skirts or denim clothes to make your overall matching more attractive.Different types of sexy underwear can also be freely matched with different styles according to the occasion.

8. Scene use of sexy underwear

Most of the scenes of sex underwear are worn with partners.In this case, sexy underwear can increase the diversity of fun and marriage life, and make life more interesting; of course, it can also be used alone to achieve the effect of relaxing their emotions.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear is one of the important Fashionable parts of women. It can make a variety of choices and matching, and can have different styles and temperament to make themselves more beautiful.At the same time, pay attention to the brand selection and maintenance of sexy underwear, as well as reasonable use occasions and methods.

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