Three points of hollowing fun underwear

Three points of hollowing fun underwear

Brief introduction

Three points of hollowing fun underwear, a kind of sexy underwear. Its design uses a large number of hollow processes to empty the appearance of the underwear out of three parts, the front chest, lower abdomen and back hips.This has further improved the sexyness of the underwear and increased a lot of mystery.

Style classification

The style of three -point hollowing lingerie is mainly divided into two categories: chest hollow models and lower abdomen hollow models.The chest hollow underwear is particularly suitable for women with large chests, while the lower abdomen hollow underwear is more suitable for women with thin waist circumference.In addition, there are hollow design on the chest and lower abdomen, making the wearer more tempting.


When buying three points of loading underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

When buying, you need to choose the right style according to the characteristics of your personal figure;

Try to choose brand underwear to avoid poor quality;

When buying, pay attention to the details of the underwear, such as the size and density of the hollow;

Try to choose fabrics with good breathability to maintain comfort.

Recommended with

Three points of hollowing fun underwear are usually used with pants or high -waisted underwear, which can better highlight the characteristics of underwear, such as the hollow design of the back and the hollow design of the lower abdomen.In addition, you can also match the thin sexy long pajamas or thin sexy lace tube top skirts to make the whole look more colorful.

Pay attention

The maintenance of the three -point hollow underwear needs to be paid attention to:

Do not use strong acid and alkali such as bleach water to avoid damage to the fabric;

Underwear is best to wash alone to avoid mixing with other clothes;

Try to avoid exposure during drying and dry them in the ventilation.


Three points of hollowing fun underwear are suitable for the following occasions:

Bed exercise: wear with your partner to make the other half more exciting;

Party gathering: matching with short skirts, lipsticks, etc., has become the focus of attention;

Photo Photography: When shooting body art, three -point hollowed -out underwear can enhance the sexyness and mystery of the model.


Three points of hollowing fun underwear have become a popular style that cannot be ignored in sexy underwear.Especially among young women, more and more attention and love.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the three -point hollowing and fun underwear is that the overall design is full of sexy characteristics, and the underwear is sexy to a new height during use; and the disadvantage is that the restrictions of the use occasion are large, not suitable for formal occasions, and poor quality products will have products with good quality.Excessive perspective and other issues.

Price range

The price range of three -point hollowing -out underwear is mainly affected by factors such as brands, fabrics, and hollow design.Generally, from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Choose the most suitable and most reliable underwear brand with reference to multi -party comments and price comparisons, which can better buy the right underwear.


The sexy degree of three -point hollowing sexy underwear is unmatched by other sexy underwear. It not only enriches women’s sex life, but also gets rid of monotonous clothes, constantly breaks through, making sex more exciting and fun.

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