Victoria’s Meimei Wonderful Underwear Pictures


Victoria’s Secret is known for its complete underwear series and sexy underwear style.Victoria’s Beauty has become the dream object of an admirer.The sexy and trend of the Victoria’s brand is embodied by the spokesperson of Victoria ’s Secret Angels.Among them, Victoria’s girl wears sexy underwear, showing her beautiful figure, charming sexy and strong femininity, which makes people unrecommium.In this article, we will explore the characteristics of several Victoria’s Secrets and beauty underwear, thereby stimulating readers’ interest in sexy underwear.

Push up underwear

This Push UP underwear uses the design of the upper cup, which can help improve the chest, concentrated and tangible.In addition, this rose red underwear is also equipped with lace tulle and sequins, adding a gorgeous sense.

Triangle underwear

This triangular underwear uses light and transparent silk fabrics and chiffon.It is equipped with a red lace pad, which can show the uniqueness of women’s charm.

Shoulder -free underwear

This sexy shoulder -free underwear is full of retro, and it is made of black transparent lace.It can firmly stick the body without slipping through the use of a special bonding film, which is more suitable for some exercises that can reflect the beautiful body of women.

Silk pajamas

This silk pajamas are made of high -quality silk fabrics. With the body’s movement, its soft texture gently slides across the skin.It is equipped with an adjustable fine shoulder strap and a hem with a small semi -circular lace design.


This transparent cover uses transparent lace materials. Its half -sleeved and lace decoration adds a noble femininity. It is very suitable for the essence of sexy underwear.

Wide shoulder strap conjoined shirt

This wide shoulder strap conjoined underwear uses smooth stretching fabrics, with a seamless design cup, which can be easily worn.The characteristics of this underwear are comfortable and practical, increasing wearing comfort.


This lipstick underwear is particularly favored by young women.It is feminine and uses a light lace design, which can highlight a small and exquisite figure.

Hook flower lace underwear

This hook flower lace underwear uses black lace exquisite handmade fabrics, with hook hooks and ribbon buckles to create European noble romantic style.

Low -necked hooded sweater

This low -necked hooded sweater is made of cashmere spinning fabric, which is soft and warm and comfortable.It has a hooded design and is moderate in shape, which is quite characteristic compared to other items.


The quota underwear described above can all show women’s beautiful figure, women’s charm and women’s elegance.Whether it is the kawaii style, retro folk customs, noble practice, or endless style of underwear, it can meet the many women’s needs.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, you should choose according to your personal needs and temperament.

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