Washing of sexy underwear is inconvenient

Washing of sexy underwear is inconvenient

Sexy erotic underwear is a favorite costume that many women, but wearing a tricky problem: washing.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear has more special materials and designs, making the washing process not as convenient as ordinary underwear.Without the correct way of washing, it will not only reduce the quality and life of the underwear, but also affect the health and wear experience.The following will introduce you to how to deal with underwear washing.

1. Classified washing

The material and design of sexy underwear are different, so classification and cleaning are necessary.Some different materials and design underwear should be washed separately, which can reduce friction and squeeze between materials.For pure cotton or cotton underwear, it should be washed softly under the condition that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.Similarly, real silk and silk should also be washed softly in warm water. Do not clean it in the washing machine with large power.

2. Similar underwear washing

If we want to mix with multiple underwear, we should choose a similar design and material underwear.This can reduce friction and damage between underwear and ensure the protection of underwear.Do not mix with hooks and zipper underwear and soft underwear.

3. Choose suitable detergent

Interest underwear is a sensitive clothing, so we need to choose the right detergent.Some washing liquid detergents are usually suitable for sexy underwear, because they do not need too much rinse, and the damage to the underwear material is relatively small.At the same time, some natural ingredient detergents can also ensure the quality and fabric of sexy underwear.

4. Avoid extreme temperature

Avoid too much temperature or too low, because it will cause damage to the material of sexy underwear.In winter, avoid washing underwear at high temperatures, which will cause fiber to shrink and damage.In hot weather, excessive temperature should also be avoided.

5. Pay attention to the difference between hand washing and machine washing

Hand washing and machine washing are two kinds of washing methods, they need to be treated differently.When washing underwear, the mixing of erotic underwear and other underwear is relatively dangerous, especially when encountering hooks and drawers in the washing solution.In contrast, to wash the sexy underwear in hand, it can categorize underwear more gentle and detailed, and help us better control the concentration of water mild detergent.

6. Drying and drying directly affect the life of the underwear

You know that the dryer is very harmful to the underwear, and even low temperatures will harden and deteriorate the ingredients of the underwear.Should choose a well -ventilated front hall or outdoors to dry to avoid direct sunlight and severe friction, so as not to damage the fiber.

7. Use underworld bags

In the underwear washing, the underwear bag is a good choice.Common underwear bags are divided into two types: one is a plastic container pocket and the other is a cloth inside bag.These can make the underwear separate from each other, avoid friction, protect underwear, and help us separate our underwear with other clothes.

8. Gently handle

In the process of processing sex underwear, we should try to avoid stacking, rubbing, and rubbing to protect underwear.For underwear, hooks, or other sensitive underwear in the underwear, you should pay special attention. You can notice the underwear, and then put it in the underworld, so that you can better create a safe placement space for them.

In the general conclusions, the key to washing sex underwear is to keep the differences between the two of them with carefulness, patience and unique ways.At the same time, choosing appropriate underwear bags, some low -irritating laundry and soft treatment will help protect the quality of sexy underwear and prolong its service life.

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