Wear sex underwear one night

Wear sex underwear one night

A good sexy underwear can make you feel confident and sexy. When you put on it, your temperament will be improved instantly.However, wearing sexy underwear also requires skills.In this article, we will introduce you to some sexual lingerie skills, so that you are full of confidence and charm one night.

1. Choose the right sexy lingerie style -H2

There are many styles of sexy underwear, including bras, corsets, pantyhose, suspenders, and so on.It is very important to choose a style suitable for your body and style.If you are a fat figure, bras and corsets make your chest look more upright; if you are short, suspenders and fish net socks can make your legs more slender.

2. Select the right size -H2

Inappropriate sizes will make your sexy underwear uncomfortable and even affect health.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must ensure that you choose the correct size.If you are not sure of your size, you can go to a professional underwear shop to try on or carefully measure your physical data before buying online.

3. Choose the right material -H2

There are many materials for sexy underwear.If your skin is more sensitive, it is recommended to choose a cotton fabric or a sexy underwear rich in elastic fiber to make you feel more comfortable.If you like sexy and exposed styles, you can choose the sexy underwear of lace or silk fabric.

4. Keep hygiene -H2

Underwear is a costume that is close to our body, and it is very important to maintain hygiene.Before wearing a sexy underwear, be sure to wash your hands and clean enough cleaning.If you wear sexy underwear for a long time, it is recommended to change it every time and keep it dry.

5. Wear accessories -H2

Wearing accessories can make your sexy underwear more perfect.For example, high heels can make your legs more slender; stockings can make your legs smoother; plump lips can make you more sexy.

6. Make sure self -confidence -H2

The most important thing for wearing sex underwear is to keep yourself confident.Full of confidence and courage in your heart will make your dress more charming.When you put on this sexy underwear, don’t pay attention to the eyes of the people around you, but enjoy your beauty and charm.

7. Careful maintenance -H2

Different types of sexy underwear need to be used in different methods during maintenance.For example, sexy underwear with metal decoration or skeleton needs to be washed to avoid damaging decoration and deformation; sexy underwear with soft fabrics can be cleaned in the washing machine.Be sure to follow the maintenance instructions on the label on the sexy underwear.

8. Enjoy Happy Time -H2

Another important feature of sexy underwear is to let you enjoy happy time.Putting on sex underwear, you can try a new posture so that you and your partners can experience different happiness.

in conclusion

Putting on sexy underwear can make you feel confident and sexy, but you need to pay attention to choosing styles, sizes, materials, maintaining hygiene, wearing accessories, ensuring self -confidence, careful maintenance and enjoyment of happy time.I hope you can enjoy this process and fully show your charm when wearing sexy underwear.

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