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1. The role of wearing sex underwear

Wearing erotic underwear is a way for many women to strengthen self -confidence and self -aesthetics.Whether it is emotional or physical, wearing erotic underwear can play a good role.They can make women feel more sexy and confident, and can also enhance their attractiveness.

2. Select sexy underwear according to your body

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your body and shape.For women with large chests, choosing strong support and thick material underwear is the best choice.For women with smaller chests, it is more suitable to choose lace lace -made underwear.

3. The main material of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, the most common of which is lace and silk.These two materials are soft and have good breathability, and they are also very suitable for sexy underwear.In addition, there are some high -tech materials similar to plastic and rubber, which are often used in sexy underwear.

4. How to buy suitable sexy underwear

When you buy sexy underwear, it is best to choose a comfortable, breathable and soft material, and it is best to tailor it.In addition, you can choose the style and color that suits you according to your body characteristics.

5. How to wear sexy jackets

You need to be very careful to wear sex underwear.Before wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to do some warm -up exercises to avoid discomfort or inappropriate tightness.At the same time, make sure to choose the size of your own size, and do not wear too much or too much underwear.

6. Skills of sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy underwear, you can match them to different clothing to achieve the effect of overflowing sexy.For example, you can match black sexy underwear on the white shirt, bra with a bra under the skirt, or with socks and strap vest under the skirt.

7. Pay attention to wearing sexy underwear

There are some things to pay attention to when wearing erotic underwear.The first is to keep hygiene. Do not wear sexy underwear for a long time and place them in humid and dry places.The second is to avoid wearing sexy underwear for a long time, and should be washed and replaced regularly.

8. The timing of wearing a sexy underwear

Wearing sex underwear is suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday, party, etc.Putting on sexy underwear can make yourself more confident and sexy, inject more interests and fun into your own life.

9. How to share the experience of wearing a sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can share your experience with lovers, friends, and colleagues.If you want to share your experience with other people, it is best to choose some very close relatives and friends, and share your experience and experience with them at appropriate time.

10. Perspective of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can increase women’s self -confidence and charm, but at the same time, don’t rely too much on them.Interest underwear is just a way to enhance self -confidence and confidence, and should not become the only manifestation of women’s self -worth.Wearing erotic underwear is only one of the ways to enhance self -aesthetics and charm. Every woman should learn how to beautify and enhance their charm.

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