Wear white color sexy underwear for his wife

Wear white color sexy underwear for his wife

White sex underwear is a very popular style that is widely used in weddings, parties, Valentine’s Day and other occasions.For husband and wife, wearing white color and sexy underwear can not only increase interest and romance, but also increase the intimacy between husband and wife.Here are some useful tips and suggestions to help you let your wife wear perfect white sex lingerie.

1. Select the right size

The size of the white sex underwear is very important. If it is not suitable, it will cause discomfort and affect the effect.Therefore, you need to know the size of your wife before buying, and choose the appropriate size.If you are not sure of the size, you can consult or buy a fitting service with the merchant.

2. Select the right style

There are many styles of white sex underwear. You need to choose the right style according to your wife’s figure and preferences.For example, if your wife likes sexy and romantic, you can choose the style of lace lace. If she prefers simple and comfortable, she can choose the style of cotton and no steel rings.

3. Pay attention to dress style

The dress style of white sex underwear is also very important, and it determines the overall effect of sexy underwear.You need to choose a suitable dress style so that your wife is comfortable and the overall effect is improved.

4. Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

The choice of white sex underwear also needs to be determined according to the occasion.If you plan to spend a romantic night at home, you can choose a soft sexy underwear. If you plan to participate in parties or other formal occasions, you can choose high -quality sexy underwear.

5. Matching perfect underwear

White sex underwear usually needs to match the perfect underwear to create a perfect overall effect.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, it is best to buy matte underwear by the way to avoid uncoordinated or imperfect.

6. Pay attention to the skin

White sex underwear is usually very thin, so it is very suitable for summer wear.However, it should be noted that white underwear is usually more transparent than other colors, and you need to pay special attention to whether your wife’s skin is exposed when wearing.If you are worried about your skin color, you can try to choose other colors.

7. Increase diversity

Choosing appropriate colors and styles can increase the diversity of sexy underwear.In addition to white, you can also try other colors and styles to increase the diversity and attractiveness of sexy underwear.

8. Keep hygiene

White sex underwear is a very special clothes that require special attention to hygiene.Before wearing, make sure that the cleanliness and hygiene of sexy underwear can be made to avoid affecting the skin and health.

9. Try different materials

The material of white sex underwear is also very important. Different materials can bring different feelings to your wife.You can try different materials to find the sexy underwear that is best for your wife.

10. Conclusion

Wearing a white -colored sexy underwear can increase interest and romance, bringing more intimacy to the husband and wife relationship.However, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to details and hygiene to avoid any possible problems.

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