Wearing erotic underwear is not blocked

Wearing erotic underwear is not blocked

Interest underwear generally refers to sexy, teasing and irritating underwear.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to the feelings of wearing and visual stimulus to others.More and more women are trying to try sexy underwear. Many people want to know how to reduce unnecessary cover when wearing sexy underwear. The following are the more sexy and teasing tips for you when wearing sexy lingerie.

1. Choose a personal size

Sex underwear is generally dominated by size, and the appropriate size can better show the sexy effect of underwear.There may be differences in different brands and different styles of sexy underwear. When choosing a size, you should carefully measure your physical data and consult professionals.Ensure that sexy underwear is as tight as possible, and can fit the body perfectly without leaving any gap.

2. Pay attention to the choice of underwear style

There are many styles to choose from sexy underwear. For different figures and needs, you should choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For example, if you want to show your waistline, you can choose a waist -style sexy underwear, and if you want to highlight your chest, you can choose a sexy underwear with chest pads.

3. Hide traditional underwear

Interesting underwear is often transparent or the chest is obviously exposed. At this time, traditional underwear can easily become unnecessary obstruction.When wearing sexy lingerie, you need to pay attention to the position, color and whether the color of the traditional underwear affects the wearing effect of the sexy underwear itself.

4. Choose the right color and style

Colors and styles in sexy underwear are the key to showing sexy. Different colors and styles of sexy underwear have different expression effects.Black and red are the traditional colors of sexy underwear. Although other colors are not common, they are also suitable for people with strong personality.When choosing, position your style and choose your own style and color.

5. Pay attention to the appropriate naked part

Pay attention to the exposed parts in the process of wearing a sexy underwear. Be careful not to expose too much body parts or key areas to avoid being too exposed or indecent.You can use a little obstruction to make your body more sexy and tease, but don’t cover too much.

6. Pay attention to the transparency of underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is a highly popular underwear, but too high transparency may also appear too naked.Pay attention to the effect of transparent underwear and control and select.If it is not suitable for too transparent underwear, you can choose other styles to present a sexy effect.

7. With clothing

Matching clothing is a way to make sexy lingerie more outstanding. You can choose the right jacket, skirt or high -heeled shoes to match underwear to enhance the overall sexy effect.Different needs for each occasion can adopt different matching methods to make your sexy underwear more colorful.

8. Confidence is the key

Wearing a sexy underwear requires a confident attitude and psychology, self -confidence is a sexy part in itself.Wearing erotic underwear not only meets his body and style, but also has the effect of showing underwear confidently.In the face of the deficiencies and regrets of the body, we must have a good mentality to deal with it, so that we can give full play to the sexy effects of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

You don’t have to deliberately pursue too much nakedness and teasing when wearing sexy underwear. The key is to show your charm and sexy.The appropriate size, suitable for your own color and style, proper nakedness, proper obstruction and confident attitude, these are the key points that should be paid attention to when wearing sexy underwear.Wearing erotic underwear is not for the eyes of others, but more importantly, it is appreciated and affirmed.I hope that the above tips can make you more handy when wearing sexy underwear.

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