Wedding Memorial Day Sexy underwear

1 Introduction

The wedding anniversary is an important anniversary of the husband and wife, and it is a day to celebrate the stability of marriage and love each other.As a good helper to add sexual interest, sexy underwear cannot be ignored for this special anniversary.

2. Select color

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, you can consider the theme color of the anniversary or the color between the husband and wife.For example, with the enthusiasm of love with red, with pink symbolizing the vitality of youth, and the temptation of black symbolizing the mysterious.

3. Material selection

When choosing the material of sexy underwear, you can choose according to personal preferences and climate environment. For example, you can choose a lace fabric with good breathability in summer. In winter, you can choose good warm velvet fabrics.

4. Style selection

Different styles are suitable for different body shapes and sizes. When buying, choose the style according to your body proportion.If you are confident, you can choose off -shoulder, low -cut, split, and other styles. Be careful not to be too exposed.

5. Personalized customization

You can consider buying personalized and customized sexy underwear.Customized sexy underwear fits more personal shapes, preferences and styles to create a unique romantic moment.

6. Create surprises

After dinner, you can find that your gift is sexy underwear.At this time, the sexy underwear can be brought by the way, adding more romance and surprise to the anniversary.

7. Suggestions

Don’t buy too exposed or fancy sexy underwear, so as not to make your partner feel uncomfortable or hit.

8. Recommended

Recommended some common sexy underwear, such as sexy pajamas, hollow lace underwear, suspender skirt underwear, opening underwear, etc.You can choose different styles according to your needs.

9. Note

Pay attention to the method and method of cleaning the sexy underwear, and select different washing methods according to the material and washing signs to avoid damage to sexy underwear.

10. End language

Sex underwear can add more romance and interest to the wedding anniversary, but more importantly, the mutual care and love between husband and wife.I hope that on the day of the anniversary, the husband and wife will be able to understand each other more deeply and make love longer.

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