Wet sexy underwear number because of shame


Sexy underwear is an important type of modern female wardrobe. They have a series of characteristics such as beautiful, sexy, comfortable, and health. However, in the process of choosing and using these underwear, women will inevitably encounter many problems and problems andquestion.One of the most common problems is to wet sexy underwear because of shame.

Cause Analysis

Shame is a normal psychological phenomenon that is caused by human nature. It can help people distinguish between public occasions and private spaces, maintaining social norms and moral bottom lines.However, when this instinct becomes an excessively strong fear, anxiety, depression, and shrinking emotions, it will have a negative impact on human psychological and physiological health.Therefore, for women who often wet sexy underwear due to shame, they must carefully analyze and study the reasons and solutions to produce this problem.

Physical conditions

The physical condition is an important reason for women to wet sexy underwear due to shame.In the case of nervousness, excitement, fear, or excitement, many women have disorders or hormonal fluctuations in autonomous nervous system, causing increased secretions and sweat secretion in the body, which wet underwear.In addition, under the special state of physiological period, pregnancy and postpartum recovery period, women’s sensitivity and fragility are higher, and this is more likely to occur.

Emotional Factors

Emotional factor is also an important reason for women to wet sexy underwear due to shame.Many women are eager to show their beauty, charm and sexy, but also afraid of being cold or judged by others, so they are often nervous and contradictory when wearing sexy underwear.Once it is intentionally or unintentionally noticed by others or commented on the various details of underwear, women will feel very embarrassing and shameful, and then wet underwear.

Underwear purchase

Underwear purchase is also an important reason for women to wet sexy underwear due to shame.When choosing sexy underwear, many women will not only be affected by many factors such as physical characteristics, styles, and color design, but also are often restricted by factors such as social customs, aesthetic standards, and cultural backgrounds.If women do not have a comprehensive, scientific, and autonomous considering their actual situation and needs when choosing underwear, it is easy to cause problems such as unsuitable underwear, uncomfortable, and unsafe, leading to wet underwear.


Underwear is also an important reason for women to wet sexy underwear due to shame.When wearing sexy underwear, many women often express their charm and sexy, deliberately, and unnaturally, ignoring the basic functions and wearing comfort of underwear.In addition, underwear cleaning, maintenance, replacement, etc. also require women to perform scientific, standardized, and timely operations, otherwise it will also cause underwear infection, stains, aging and other problems, affecting the effect of wearing.


To solve the problem of wet underwear due to shame, it is necessary to comprehensively treat from the body, emotion, underwear purchase, underwear wearing, and other aspects.Women should correctly understand and adjust their physical condition and psychological state to relieve the increase in body endocrine and nervousness.Women should choose sexy underwear suitable for their body, style and needs, and show natural, relaxing and confident when wearing.At the same time, women also need to conduct professional purchase, wear and maintenance education for underwear to improve the efficiency and sanitation of underwear.


When women choose and wear sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to the following points.First of all, you must choose underwear styles and sizes that are suitable for your body characteristics and scope of activity. You cannot blindly pursue style and brand.Secondly, you must choose breathable, sweat -absorbing, soft, safe fabrics and accessories, and you must not choose too irritating, toxic, allergic materials and ingredients.Finally, we must follow the use of guidelines, focus on hygiene, timely cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of underwear to extend the life and effect of underwear.


Women wet sexy underwear because of shame is a common problem, but it is not a problem that is difficult to overcome and solve.Through scientific, comprehensive, and continuous treatment and education, women can completely avoid or reduce the occurrence of such problems, enhance their inner sense of security and self -confidence, and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by erotic underwear.

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