What are the materials used in sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a must -have product that modern women show their charm, and the material of sexy underwear has an important impact on the comfort, breathability and texture of the underwear. Understanding the types and characteristics of the material of love underwearEssenceNext, let’s understand the types of materials commonly used in love underwear together.

1. Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber, also known as polyester, is one of the common materials in sexy underwear. This material has the characteristics of softness, lightness, and good breathability. At the same time, it has excellent quality such as anti -wrinkle and abrasion resistance.Moreover, the dyeing and printing effect of polyester fibers are also ideal. It can show a variety of patterns and colors, which is very suitable for the fashion shape and diversified design needs of sexy underwear.

2. Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber material, which is full of toughness and softness, especially the permeability is very good.Interest underwear uses cotton texture underwear, so that the skin is fully circulated in air and water, reducing the generating rate of allergies and allergies.However, the pure cotton underwear is not as good as sexy, elasticity and shape, and needs to be made up in design.

3. Polyurethane elastic fiber

Polyurethane elastic fiber, also known as spandex, is a highly elastic, high tough fiber material, which can make the sexy underwear more close, conforms to the body curve, and more sports comfort.At the same time, spandex also has the characteristics of good dyeing and high colors.

4. Real silk

Real silk is one of the most expensive materials in sexy underwear. It has a soft texture, high gloss, and good permeability. It is an ideal underwear material to keep the skin moisturizing and tender.Because of its high prices, real silk underwear is usually used for high -end sexy underwear brands, which has become a symbol of fashion and identity.

5. lace

Lace is a decorative material that is mainly used for silk, chemical fiber and cotton fabrics. With the pattern and line design of lace, it can add the temperament and romance of sexy underwear.Moreover, the breathability and softness of lace materials are also ideal.

6. Polyam fiber

Polyamide fiber, also known as nylon, is a synthetic fiber material widely used in sexy underwear production.It has the characteristics of light quality, friction resistance, radiation resistance, long service life, and easy processing. It also has good elasticity and compression, which can make interest underwear more in line with the body curve.

7. Chiffon

Chiffon is a soft and thin material, which provides the effect of sexy underwear fashion.It has good breathability, light and soft, and more importantly, it can play a good decorative effect, making fun underwear more beautiful.

8. Acrylic Fiber

Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber. It is comparable to natural fibers such as bamboo, wool, and wood. It is more suitable for making sexy underwear.It has the advantages of softness, flexibility and comfort, and also has the advantages of beautiful appearance characteristics, abrasion resistance and anti -wrinkle.

9. Lolitabu

Lolitaba is a soft material, which is often used in making sexy underwear.It is mainly used on skirts, underwear and accessories. Because of its softness, comfort and soft texture, the finished product is more beautiful and artistic.

10. Artificial hemp

Artificial anesthesia is mainly made of fiber and production from a wooden core material. It has a light, soft and comfortable touch, and is widely used in sexy underwear production.Artificial hemp has the characteristics of good breathability, high hygroscopic resistance, and not easy to dye, and the size is not easy to deform, which comprehensively enhances the texture of sexy underwear.

Viewpoint: Understanding the types and characteristics of materials used in love underwear is very helpful for buying underwear suitable for you.Different materials have different characteristics. You should choose different materials and combinations according to your needs and wear occasions to create a sexy underwear that perfectly meets your physical characteristics and aesthetic needs.

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