What are the services of sexy underwear stores? Baidu

The service type of sexy underwear store

In this era, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, so not only has more and more sexy underwear stores, but these stores also provide various services.This article will introduce some types of services provided by the sex underwear store.

Private custom

One of the most common service types of sexy underwear stores is private customization, which means that they will customize according to customer size and requirements.This service is suitable for customers who cannot buy suitable sizes in conventional underwear stores.

Professional consultation

Employees of sexy underwear stores are often very professional, and they provide them with customer needs and physical types.They also recommend the style and style of underwear based on the customer’s body shape and requirements to help customers find their underwear that suits them.

Makeup and styling recommendations

Some sexy underwear stores also provide makeup and styling suggestions.They will provide suggestions based on customers’ hairstyles, makeup, occasions and costume styles to help customers match their underwear.

Create a fun place

Some sexy underwear stores also provide services to create a place of sex.They will arrange the customers’ bedrooms to set up lights and environmental atmosphere for customers to create a romantic atmosphere.

Sex education guidance

Some sexy underwear stores also provide sexual education guidance to help customers understand health and safety issues related to sex, and provide customers with sexual health products such as condoms.

Party service

Some sexy underwear shops can also organize party, and customers can hold sexy parties in the store.The store will provide foods, drinks, and sexy toys to help customers create a perfect sexy party.

Gift packaging

If the customer wants to give sexy underwear as a gift to a friend or a lover, the sexy underwear shop also provides gift packaging services.The clerk will pack underwear into a cute gift box, adding a romantic atmosphere to the gifts of customers.

Online Shopping

In addition to in -store services, the sexy underwear store also provides online shopping services.Customers can find underwear they need on the Internet and order at any time.Many sexy underwear stores also provide express delivery services so that customers can enjoy intimate time at home.

Guarantee customer privacy and safety

Interest underwear stores provide strict privacy protection and ensure customer information and purchase record security.They will not leak any information to third parties and provide customers with safe payment and fast delivery services.


The services provided by the sex underwear store for customers are far more than just buying underwear.Whether it is private customization, makeup suggestions, or creating a sex place, they create a romantic and sexy atmosphere for customers in a series of ways to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

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