What can I make for myself

What is sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear is a special underwear with unique design, colorful color, high material, soft and comfortable fabric.Different from ordinary underwear, it is mainly used in special occasions, such as adult parties and husband and wife life.

What are the fun underwear you can make?

The following will introduce a few types of sexy underwear that you can make:

Bra panties suit

Bra for underwear suit is the most common sexy underwear that can be made by itself.First prepare some non -ferrous fabrics, customize the width and length according to your body, sew it into bra and underwear, and finally sew them together.


Lace eye masks can add fun to the life of husband and wife, and can also make it yourself.Find some suitable lace fabrics and eye masks, cut the lace fabric and eye mask material, sew it into eye masks according to the shape, and add some decoration according to your preference.

Open stall jacket

Open -stall jacket is a more functional sexy underwear that can be made by itself.Use elastic materials to customize the size of each part according to your body shape and sew, and finally decorate according to your preference to complete the opening jacket.

Two -headed toys

Double -headed toys are one of the essential props in many couples and can be made by themselves.Use the appropriate material to make the shape you want, and process it at both ends. Finally, apply safe lubricating oil.

Erotic glove

Interest gloves can add more interest to life and make it yourself.Select the colored material, make gloves according to the size of your arm, and add some decoration to complete the sexual gloves.

Lace camisole

The lace camisole is a lighter and sexy charm that can be made by itself.Use lace fabrics to customize according to your own size and sew it into a camisole.

Sexuality socks

Interesting conjoined socks are a cute and sexy sexy underwear that can be made by itself.Use the appropriate sock material, sewn it into conjoined socks, and add special effect patterns or decorations on it to complete the sexual socks.

Silicone milk sticker

Silicone milk stickers are a commonly used props to cover the nipples and create one of the chest curve props. You can make it by yourself.Use waterproof silicone material, customize the size according to your nipples, and stick the corresponding tape.

Erotic mask

The sex mask can add a lot of fun to the life of the husband and wife, and can make it by itself.Use the color material to cut into a suitable shape. After sewing, you can decorate it according to your preference.

Metal chain

Metal chain item ring is a common sex item that can also be made by itself.Use stainless steel material to make metal collars, and add the corresponding metal chain to complete the metal chain ring.


Making sexy underwear by yourself can bring more sexual interests and creativity, and can also save a lot of economic costs.However, during the production process, we should pay attention to the selection of materials that meet the safety standards, and keep clean and hygienic during use.

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