What color of sexy underwear sells best

The importance of color in sexy underwear

In sexy underwear sales, color is an important decision factor.Because color is the first way to attract customers, it will affect the emotions and emotions of customers, and it will also affect their willingness to buy.So, from the perspective of customers, which color of sexy underwear is the best?

Black and red

After market research, we learned that black and red are the best colors of sexy underwear sales.These two colors have a strong visual effect, making people feel sexy, charm and mysterious.

For buyers in sex underwear, black is one of the most common colors.This is because black can make anyone look more charming and charming, and black can also cover up physical defects and make people more confident.Red is a provocative and passionate color, which is more likely to cause interest and desire for buyers.

Sales of other colors

Although black and red are the best in sex underwear sales, other colors also have their sales market.Among them, pink, white and purple sexy underwear also sells better.The two colors of pink and white are soft, fresh, and cute, and they are mostly loved by young women; there are many types of purple, from light purple to deep purple, which can make people feel romantic, noble and mysterious.

Selection strategy of sexy underwear color

When choosing sexy underwear colors, consumers should consider their own personality and complexion.For example, women with lighter skin tone choose light -colored sexy underwear better; for women with darker skin tone, dark erotic underwear can make her figure look more charming.

The relationship between color and interest theme

In the sales of sexy underwear, the color and the theme of interest are inseparable.Different colors represent different interest themes and significance.For example, black and red love underwear are usually used for fun and sexy themes; white and pink love lingerie are mostly used for sweet and cute themes; and bright colors such as fruit green and blue are mostly used for lively and vivid themes.

Color matching and underwear style options

In sexy underwear sales, color matching is also very important.Choosing the correct color matching can bring more visual experience and satisfaction to consumers.For example, the combination of red and black will never be outdated, and the matching of blue and white is suitable for sweet themes.In addition, the choice of underwear style is also reasonable to match with color, such as black lace underwear and red color sexy underwear, and appropriate detail decoration can better show their sexy charm.

The relationship between color selection and fashion trend

Selection of sexy underwear color is also affected by fashion trends.In different seasons and years, different colors will have different trends.For example, in 2021, the purple series underwear was sought after by many women.When choosing underwear, consumers can refer to the popular trend of color, so as to wear and match fashionable clothing.

The relationship between color selection and brand positioning

The color selection of sexy underwear has a certain relationship with the brand positioning.Some high -end brands usually choose black, red and other colors to express noble, sexy and mysterious brand images; while some affordable brands mostly use bright colors and sweet themes to attract more young women consumers.


All in all, color is an important factor in the sales of sexy underwear. Black and red are the best colors of sexy underwear sales.But underwear of different colors also has its own markets. Choosing the color and style of your own is the most important factor.Consumers can choose the color and style of sexy underwear that suits them according to their skin tone, figure and sex.At the same time, when choosing sexy underwear, you should carefully consider brand positioning and popular trends to ensure that the sexy underwear you buy is consistent with your own image.

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