What color sexy underwear likes men like

What color sexy underwear likes men like

The rapid development of sexy underwear is not only the tendency of women’s categories, but more and more men have begun to pay attention to its charm.But for men, the color of choosing sexy underwear is also very important. So what color sexy underwear do men like?Let’s find out.

1. Black

Black is an eternal color, and it is also one of the colors that men like.Black -colored sex underwear can show her body curve beauty on women, and also gives a sense of mystery and temptation.

2. Red

Speaking of sexy underwear, red is an absolutely indispensable color.Red erotic lingerie can make women more conspicuous, and it is also one of the colors that men like, because it can make men feel happy and relaxed.

3. Purple

Purple sexy underwear is also a color that is popular with men, because it gives a sense of mystery and elegance, and it is very suitable for wearing during the day and night.

4. Pink

If you want to make yourself more cute and charming, you can try pink erotic lingerie, and men are no exception.This color makes people feel kind and gentle, and at the same time make men want to be closer and carelessly treat women.

5. Blue

Blue is one of the favorite of men. This color is usually considered a color that conforms to the male temperament. It can make men feel very comfortable, make women more attractive, but also renders home and stableatmosphere.

6. White

White sex underwear represents a sense of purity and freshness. It can not only make women more conspicuous, but also give people a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.Men also like this color because it represents women’s expectations and ideals for life and family.

7. Yellow

Yellow erotic underwear can make women more cute and lively, and also represents a positive attitude and spirit.Men are also very popular with the sexy underwear of this color because it can make them happy and comfortable.

8. Green

Green erotic underwear represents nature and freshness, which can make people feel a harmonious atmosphere, and it also has the effect of soothing and reducing stress.Men also like this color, because it can make them feel fresh and energetic.

9. Gray

Gray sexy underwear is slightly low -key than other colors, but it also has a unique cute and noble temperament.It gives people a sense of ordinary and beautiful, and it is also one of the colors that men like.

10. Colorful

Colorful and sexy underwear can make women more beautiful and unique, but most men keep watching and cautious attitudes about the colorful sexy underwear, because too many colors and too mixed are dazzling.


Men’s love underwear is very rich in color, and each color can represent different personalities and charm.However, the most important thing is to wear natural, comfortable and charming.Each woman has her own fascinating features. Interest underwear is just a tool to show this charm, and the color is only part of it.Therefore, women should choose color according to their temperament and characteristics, so that they are more confident and beautiful.

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