What is the avatar suitable for sex underwear


As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear has many different types and styles, which has aroused questions about when to wear sex underwear.This article will introduce what avatars are suitable for sexy underwear to help you understand when to wear sex underwear.

Daily wear

In daily life, sexy underwear is not a must.Generally, daily wear should be comfortable, light, and natural, rather than pursuing too sexy and bold feelings.Therefore, in the usual life, sexy underwear is not a necessary choice.

Romantic night

On special occasions such as romantic nights or Valentine’s Day, sexy underwear will become the best choice.When buying, it mainly chooses knitted or lace. It is best to mainly warm the warm colors such as black, red, and pink. These colors will emit a romantic and passionate taste.


In dating, sexy underwear can also be a good choice.However, it should be noted that different styles of sexy underwear should be selected according to different occasions.For example, you can choose a tulle material, soft sexy underwear, or sexy underwear such as perspective design, small exposed shoulders, which can make you look sexy and not too charming.

Party dance

At the party or the dance, sexy underwear can be used as the best match, which will not only make you look sexy, but also increase your aura.At this time, there are many choices, such as hollow lace, perspective design, deep V design, etc., you can choose to match according to the occasion.

Wedding dinner

At the wedding dinner, sexy underwear as a skin can make you more confident at the wedding.When choosing, it is recommended to choose light and breathable fabrics. The color can be mainly white, which can not only highlight your unique temperament, but also make your dress more elegant.


In the party, sexy underwear can be used as a matching style, and there is no need to over -care and style.You can choose a simple style and a soft color of sexy underwear, emphasizing sexuality and nature, which can meet the needs of matching, and not too dazzling.

Summer wear

In summer, the sexy underwear should be based on breathability and comfort. When purchasing, you should choose a thin and breathable knitted material. The color is mainly bright and fresh.Fashionable.

Winter wear

In winter, sexy underwear should choose thick and warm materials, which can not only meet the needs of wearing, but also better highlight sexy.You can choose a knitted material and fluffy material. The warmth effect is better. Remember not to choose a tulle material that is too cool.


In sports, sexy underwear is not necessary to choose, because the exercise needs to be more comfortable and natural, rather than too sexy and exposed to wear.Therefore, in the sports occasion, you should choose a suitable underwear style for sports, such as sports underwear and shaping underwear.

in conclusion

The selection of sexy underwear needs to be selected according to different occasions and temperament. Choose the right style and color to achieve a better dressing effect.However, it is also necessary to note that sexy underwear is not suitable for all occasions. It needs to be carefully considered in the choice of occasions and timing in order to wear elegance.

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