What is the experience of buying sex underwear


As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear has an irresistible charm, and how to choose and buy sexy underwear is a difficult topic for many people.In this article, we will explore some experiences and skills of buying sexy underwear to help consumers who are pursuing sexy more than buying sexy underwear.

Preparation before choosing sex underwear

Before buying sexy underwear, some preparations are necessary.First of all, it is more important to understand your body and size, especially when buying some tight sexy underwear.Secondly, consider your personal style and taste, different styles and colors represent different moods and styles.Finally, pay attention to the choice of brand. The reputation and scale of the brand are related to the quality and feel of the underwear. Choosing a guaranteed brand will make your shopping experience more assured and pleasant.

Falling underwear style and material

The style and material of sexy underwear are very rich. The style includes a variety of different types such as three -point style, open crotch pants, suspenders, etc., while the materials include cotton, silk, lace, leather and other materials to choose from.Different styles and materials represent different emotions and styles. Choosing a style and material that suits you can emit you different sexy atmosphere.

Fashionable sexy underwear

Modern sexy underwear is no longer a simple sexy style. They have been integrated into the fashion trend. Wearing sexy underwear can make you not only look sexy and charming, but also become a sign of trend.Fashionable erotic underwear combines the design of the underwear and the elements of fashion, creating a more fashionable, avant -garde, and personalized style.

Spring underwear purchase channels

It is also necessary to choose a reliable erotic underwear to buy channels.You can buy directly to sexual goods stores or offline sexy underwear stores; you can also choose through online shopping platforms. You can better choose the required products through online shopping. At the same timeIt can be guaranteed; in addition, you can also obtain relevant information and purchase guides through various social platforms. Although the cost of this method is low, consumers need to judge the reliability of the website or social platforms themselves.

How to judge the comfort of sexy underwear

Compassion is one of the important factors that must be considered when choosing sexy underwear.In the process of buying, the texture and comfort of the underwear should be felt by touching and trying penetration. At the same time, pay attention to whether there is any discomfort or too tight.If the comfort of sexy underwear is not good, it will affect the health and sexual life experience of the entire body, so the importance of judging comfort is very high.

Skills of sexy underwear

The correct erotic underwear matching skills can make your wear more perfect.For example, you can match the same exquisite silk pajamas or thin coats to make the underwear the finishing touch of the whole dress; you can choose makeup or accessories similar to the color of the underwear to make the whole person look more coordinated and beautiful; alsoYou can add some personality elements to the underwear, such as lace, pearls, tassels, etc., making underwear more individual and charm.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively easy to be damaged, so the correct maintenance method is also necessary.First of all, to avoid machine washing and strong rubbing, you can only use hand washing. At the same time, you must dehydrate underwear in a careful and soft way.The underwear should be opened in the wardrobe to avoid moisture mold or deformation. Finally, choose the appropriate detergent and maintenance supplies to avoid damage to the underwear.

Falling underwear prices

The price of sexy underwear varies from factors, materials, brands, styles and other factors.Generally speaking, the exquisite sexy underwear is relatively high, and the quality and style are also guaranteed, but different brands will also have different prices, and it is not necessarily expensive or good. According to your actual situation and needs,Choose a suitable price.


Buying sex underwear is a very private experience that requires consumers to choose and choose with the heart. At the same time, it also needs rational and fair analysis and comparison of various brands and styles.Although buying a sexy underwear may make people feel a little embarrassed, it is a way to express female sexy and beautiful. I hope this article can provide some useful help and guidance for your purchase of sexy lingerie.

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