What is the name of sexy underwear in English?

Falling underwear abbreviation

Interesting underwear is a relatively special underwear, which is more sexy, wonderful and exciting compared to ordinary underwear.With the growing demand for sexy underwear in recent years, there are more and more types of sexy underwear, and what is the simplicity of sexy underwear?


In English, it is called Lingerie for the shortness of interest underwear.In French, Lingerie originated from the word linge, which means "clothing", which refers to a special linen cloth.Over time, this word transformed into the meaning of the lower shirts and shirts that women wear.Later, Lingerie gradually became a professional term to refer to women’s underwear washing.

less is more

In the field of erotic underwear, the more exposed is the better when it is decent and beautiful.The slogan of the LESS MORE is sometimes suitable for sexy underwear.Unlike regular underwear, sexy underwear is usually more naked to create a more sexy and eye -catching visual effect.This is why Lingerie is usually not limited to the cutting method of traditional underwear, and it will be more innovative in design.


There are many types of sexy underwear, and it can be divided into pink, black, red and other colors from color.It can be divided into different materials such as lace, silk, leather, cotton.In terms of use, it can be divided into different occasions such as teasing, dating, and marriage.


There are many types of sexy underwear. From the style, it can be divided into lace, perspective, three -point style, uniforms, bellybands, brace pants and other styles.


When choosing a sexy underwear, many people will encounter a problem: how to choose the number of codes in your own?Choosing a sexy underwear with inappropriate size may cause problems such as skin tingling and physical discomfort.Therefore, be sure to choose the appropriate size to ensure comfort and appearance effect.


Sex underwear is sometimes regarded as a special collection, and needs to be taken care of.Common maintenance methods include: hand washing, do not use bleach, do not put them in a dryer.


Interest underwear can not only make women more sexy, but also perfectly matched with other jackets.For example: suspender shirt, perspective shirt, back top jacket, etc.

the way of buying

Nowadays, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention, so the purchase channels are becoming more and more extensive.You can buy it on websites such as sexual products stores, Taobao, JD.com, Pinduoduo and other websites.


In short, the English abbreviation of sex underwear is Lingerie.In addition to traditional sizes and materials, sexy underwear also involves problems in models, styles, uses, and matching.When maintaining, pay special attention to the correct way.At the same time, with the rapid development of e -commerce, the choice of sexy underwear has become more convenient.

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