What kind of sexy sheets are fat people wearing

What kind of sexy sheets are fat people wearing

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, the sexy underwear for different figures is becoming richer and richer, but for some fat people, how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you is more confusing.So, what is the sexy underwear?The following will answer your answers from the aspects of style, material, color and matching.

1. People with big bust

For people with big busts, it is important to choose the right bra, because the inappropriate underwear will make the chest look larger and obtrusive.It is recommended to choose a bra that collects a pair of milk to effectively avoid the appearance of fat.In addition, you must choose a supporting cup type, which not only makes the chest more plump, but also effectively improves the proportion of body.

Second, people in big hips

People with big hips can choose high -waisted underwear, which can effectively tighten the waist and lower abdomen to achieve the effect of abdomen.At the same time, it is also important to choose the soft and comfortable underwear, which can effectively avoid the problem of leaving marks and wear discomfort.

Third, people with large abdomen

For people with large abdomen, choosing loose underwear is not advisable, because this will make the waist and lower abdomen look more relaxed.It is recommended to use abdominal body -shaping underwear to make the body ratio more well through the effect of self -cultivation.

Fourth, style selection

For fat people, the choice of style is recommended to be comfortable, and you can choose the design of off -the -shoulder or back, which can increase the coordination of the body proportion.At the same time, choosing high waist, vest or tight -fitting underwear is also a good choice.

5. Material selection

For material selection, it is recommended to choose comfortable and soft fabrics. This will not only effectively avoid problems such as scar and allergies, but also increase the comfort of wearing.At the same time, for some very fat people, it is recommended to choose good flexible underwear, which can effectively avoid the discomfort of the underwear to tighten the skin.

6. Color selection

Choose underwear to choose the color that suits you, and for those who are fat, it is recommended to choose your favorite color or dark underwear, so that you can cover the fat well.

Seven, match selection

In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose underwear such as black, gray, coffee, and clothes that are suitable for your skin color. This can match the overall aesthetic effect.At the same time, if conditions permit, you can choose to match high heels or increase shoes, which can not only increase the beauty of wearing, but also improve the proportion of figure.

8. Don’t bring too tight belt

When wearing underwear, avoid tight belts, which will not only make the figure look more relaxed, but also affect comfort.It is recommended to choose a loose underwear and not too tight.

Nine, pay attention to good shoulder straps

The width of the shoulder is also an important factor.Fat people usually have a wide shoulder. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a wide shoulder strap design. This is not only more comfortable, but also effectively disperse the center of gravity and make the body more symmetrical.

10. Summary

For fat people, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them is very particular.I hope that the above suggestions can provide some help for everyone to buy sexy lingerie.Finally, remember to choose the underwear suitable for your own style and figure to better show your beauty.

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