What kind of underwear pictures are in sexy underwear

What kind of underwear pictures are in sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that modern women prefer, and it is also a popular choice in male gifts.However, sexy underwear with underwear often makes people feel mysterious.So, what kind of underwear is in sex underwear?Let’s find out.


Through pants are a narrow underwear in the front and rear ends. It is named after its shape, similar to the letter "T".Through pants are generally used in sexy underwear because it can show the body curve of women to the greatest extent, and there is no higher underwear than its sexy level.


The shape of the briefs is similar to the thong, but the width of the front and back end is relatively large, which is more suitable for some conservative occasions.If you buy sexy underwear for the first time or wear in public, then briefs are a good choice.

Low waist and flat pants

Low -waist flat pants are a panties that are more suitable for tall women.It can set off the body and waistline very well, making you more beautiful when wearing a sexy underwear.Some sexy erotic underwear is often paired with this pants.

G string pants

G string pants are sexy underwear, because it has only one thin band tied to the waist, which directly forms a "G" shape, and the back is almost exposed.G string pants are also one of many sexy underwear.

Body panties

The bodybuilding underwear is generally tight, and can shape the curve of the body well. Many women also choose to wear some bodywear underwear when wearing sexy underwear to create a better figure for themselves.

Stockings underwear

Stockings underwear is a very popular sexy underwear accessory. It combines two panties with stockings.It is generally transparent or translucent, and can tease people’s imagination, which is often called "sock pants".

Knee socks

Cross -knee socks are similar to stockings underwear, and are common accessories for sexy underwear.Cross -knee socks are often made of fast -drying materials, and often have some retro or playful elements, allowing women to satisfy some inherent preferences while wearing sexy underwear.

Belly dance pants

The belly dance pants are similar to the usual underwear, but it has good elasticity. Generally, it can wrap the dancer’s hips and upper legs, allowing women to enjoy the vitality and sexy creation of sexy underwear while wearing sexy underwear.

Lace panties

Lace underwear is another common type of underwear in sex underwear.It is often manifested in two types: lace, space and unknown, which is very sexy and hot.


The above is some brief introduction about what kind of underwear is in sexy underwear.The same sexy underwear with different underwear can create a different sexy atmosphere.Hope this article can help you.

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