What sexy underwear is beautiful and looks good

What sexy underwear is beautiful and looks good

Wearing sexy underwear can not only enhance the sexy charm of women, but also make the figure more prominent.But for skinny, how do you choose the right sexy underwear?

Pay attention to the choice of material

Slimous lack of curve feel, so when choosing the material of sexy underwear, you can choose some streamlined and ductive fabrics, such as lace, silk, elastic fiber, etc., which can better emphasize the soft lines of the body.

Choose high waist underwear to improve the waistline

The slim hips are relatively thin. If you want to highlight the beauty of the hip, you can choose high waist underwear, which can improve the waistline well.

Choose a grid with filling

For thin skin with a full sense of chest, choosing a filling bra can highlight the lines of the chest and make the chest fuller and full, so as to better show the beauty of sexy underwear.

Lace edge decoration shows sexy

For skinny, the sexy underwear that chooses lace edge can better create a sexy atmosphere. The streamlined lace edges surround the chest, hips and other parts, which can make the sexy underwear look more obvious and comfortable.

V velrassy underwear weaken the thinness of thin seeds

The vest -style sexy underwear can fill the monotonous when wearing thin and weakness, while choosing the appropriate vest to match the bras, which can make the thin people wear unusual sexy beauty.

Choose a high -waisted hanging stranger to highlight the beautiful legs

For skinny, choosing a high -waisted hanging stocking can highlight the lines of the beautiful legs, and at the same time can cover the lines of the waist, making the beautiful legs more conspicuous.

Choose socks with vertical stripes to increase the proportion of body

Choosing a vertical stripe socks can extend the lines of the legs very well to enlarge the proportion of the figure. The obvious stripes of the socks bring the finishing touch to the body and help to highlight the entire body.

Avoid too tight or loose underwear

It is very important to choose a suitable sexy underwear. Tighter or too loose underwear will destroy the proportion of the body and make the figure look uncoordinated. You must choose a sexy underwear with appropriate size.

Pay attention to the style selection of sexy underwear

Style is a very important aspect when choosing a sexy underwear. When choosing, you can choose according to your own hobbies, such as back -back, perspective, and hidden meat style. Choose the style that suits you according to your figure and interest.


In short, you need to pay attention to the choice of material, choose high -waisted underwear, etc. to choose the sexy underwear suitable for thin seeds. For thin seeds, you can choose gentle lace decoration, obvious vest with, and appropriate socks.The correct choice and how to show the beauty of the skinny, also make yourself more confident and go forward.

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