What should I do if we wear sexy underwear and chest sagging

What should I do if we wear sexy underwear and chest sagging

As the age increases, women’s chests begin to sag.And improperly dressed underwear will also exacerbate drooping.how to solve this problem?Here are a few tips.

Correct size

Wearing a suitable underwear is the first step to avoid sagging on the chest.First, you need to measure your bust and lower bust size, and then select the correct underwear cup size.Too small or too much cups will affect the support of the chest and accelerate the speed of sagging.

Choose a supporting style

Choose a style with enhanced pads, steel rings, or buffer cups, which can provide better support and keep the chest in a suitable position.However, it should be noted that these styles are not suitable for everyone, and they must be selected according to their habits and comfort.

Avoid wearing underwear while sleeping

Wearing underwear when sleeping will limit the chest exercise, and long -term wearing will also affect sleep quality.It is recommended to take off your underwear before going to bed to relax your chest.

Avoid too big bra

Excessive bras cannot provide sufficient support, but will make the chest shape lazy and weak, accelerate the speed of sagging.

Sporty underwear

If you like sports, sports underwear is a good choice.Sports underwear provides better support, allowing the chest to be in a suitable position, reducing shaking during the exercise, and avoiding harm to the chest.

Don’t wear the same underwear for a long time

Underwear also needs to rest. Do not wear the same underwear for a long time. You need to give the underwear interval to restore elasticity, extend the service life, and maintain the appropriate state of the chest.

Correct way to wear

The way to wear underwear is also very important. To ensure that the shoulder straps are tight and appropriate, the cup and buckle are firm, and the bottom of the underwear is firmly fitted with the chest to avoid unstable wear and affect the support of the chest.


Massage the chest helps to improve sagging.Adhering to massage can promote blood circulation, so that the chest can get better nutrition and moisturizing, thereby delaying the speed of sagging.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for sagging chests, and you cannot avoid it by wearing and maintenance.However, the correct way of wear and maintenance habits of the underwear can slow down the sagging and keep the chest better.If drooping has occurred, you can consider seeking advice of professional doctors and choose a improved plan that suits you.

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