What to apply for sexy underwear Taobao shop

Those who need to know about sex lingerie Taobao stores need to know

As the world’s largest online retail platform, Taobao has attracted a large number of merchants to participate.Interesting underwear, as a product with market potential, is very popular on Taobao.If you also want to open a sexy underwear shop on Taobao, you need to learn about these important matters.

Registration qualification requirements

Registering as a seller on Taobao needs to meet the authenticity of the identity information, the age of 18 years, a legal business license or an individual industrial and commercial account certificate, and the use of Taobao sales too much fake and shoddy products.It is recommended to apply after these conditions are met to avoid problems during later review.

Product preparation

Before applying for a Taobao store, you need to prepare enough erotic underwear inventory, including various styles, sizes and colors of this category.It should be noted that, as a special product, sexy underwear needs to accurately distinguish various styles and uses to avoid problems such as confusion.

Store brand design

Before opening a Taobao store, you need to design a shop design plan that meets the brand characteristics.Need to consider the selection of iconic elements of the store, trademark design, and the iconic elements of the store page.It is a vital step that designed the brand’s characteristics and careful shop design solutions, because it will directly affect whether your shop can be found by the Taobao public.

In -store decoration and operation planning

After opening the store in Taobao, in terms of the decoration and operation specifications of the later store, it is necessary to repairs both inside and outside.In particular, we need to make strict positioning and settings for keywords, product descriptions, advertising and after -sales service to ensure that Taobao stores can better obtain traffic and sales and continue to grow.

Copyright review

Selling sexy underwear and other products on Taobao needs to pay attention to copyright issues.Before the application of the application store, you need to fully understand the products sold and confirm that there is a legal source of supply.Avoid the occurrence of copyright infringement, which makes the store unable to operate legally.

Warehouse supply and freight distribution

In the later stages of the opening of Taobao stores and the sales of goods, we need to take into account the storage, supply and freight distribution of orders.It is necessary to find reliable sources and fast freight distribution solutions to ensure that consumers can quickly receive the purchased goods.

After -sales service

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao is more detailed and intimate in terms of after -sales service because of its privacy and product particularity.It is necessary to provide a complete after -sales service experience and deal with after -sales problems in a timely manner.For private products such as sexy underwear, you should pay more attention to ensuring good consumer experience.

Store management experience

If you have successfully opened sexy underwear shops on Taobao, the important step in the next step is to carry out management and maintain steady growth of the store.Sales data monitoring, sales data analysis, and market prospect assessment are all issues that need to focus on business management.

Effective publicity and promotion

The successful promotion of sexy underwear on the Taobao platform requires the overall promotion team’s creativity and innovation solutions, as well as understanding and compliance with the relevant provisions of the Taobao platform.Integrate resources and strategies such as network marketing and search engine optimization to effectively promote sexy underwear to obtain more sales opportunities and competitive advantages.

Brand value improvement

Whether you are a start -up entrepreneur or a mature large Taobao shop, you should continue to increase brand value in the process of opening sex underwear shops.Such as: actively participate in various activities of Taobao and earnestly handle the product evaluation of the business district to increase consumers’ awareness and trust in sexy underwear brands.


Application for setting up a sexy lingerie Taobao shop, although it seems not easy, as long as it is carefully operated according to the important matters mentioned above, it can be successful.In terms of continuous improvement of business management and publicity, continuously increase the brand value of sexy underwear brands, and obtain more sales opportunities and continuous imagination space.

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