What to do if I’m sorry to wear sexy underwear

What to do if I’m sorry to wear sexy underwear

Modern women pursue sexy and fashionable, and wearing sexy underwear has become a fashion trend.However, for some people, wearing erotic underwear may be an embarrassing thing.At the same time, others may also worry about the comfort of underwear.The following is a suggestion on how to overcome these confusion.

1. Determine the style and size that suits you

If you want to wear sexy underwear, you must first find the style and size that suits you.The opinions of different people may be different, so try different styles.In addition, finding the right size is essential for the comfort of underwear.You can seek help from professionals, such as salespersons of underwear shops or customer service staff on online shopping platforms.

2. Discuss with your partner

Wearing a sexy underwear may require some courage, so discussing with your partner can help you overcome tension and restless emotions.You can ask his opinions to understand whether he likes some type of sexy underwear, and you can also share your feelings with him and let him understand your inner thoughts better.

Third, fully prepare

It is important to know your thoughts and feelings, but you can also increase self -confidence by fully preparing.Before wearing a sexy underwear, you can do some self -encouragement in front of the mirror, or try to practice your posture and pace.

4. Choose the appropriate occasion

Choosing a suitable occasion to wear sex underwear can also reduce your tension.You can choose to date your partner at home, or wear appropriate sexy underwear at your girlfriend.The important thing is to make yourself feel comfortable and confident.

5. Try different styles

Different people have different preferences. When looking for sexy underwear that suits you, you can try different styles.You can choose simple and comfortable styles, or bolder styles, such as heart shape, lace or grid.As long as you feel comfortable, you can try more.

6. Pay attention to the size and material of the underwear

Sex underwear may be tight or tightly tight, so it is important to choose the right size.In addition, choosing the right material can ensure the comfort and quality of the underwear.You can choose cotton fabrics, or you can choose lace or silk fabric.

7. Don’t stick to the physical form

Everyone’s physical form is different, and no physical form is perfect.Therefore, do not stick to your physical form, but try to accept your imperfections.When you have confidence and confidence, you will be more confident and beautiful.

8. Enjoy this process

In the last point, don’t forget to enjoy this process.Wearing a sexy underwear is an interesting and enjoyable thing, don’t be too nervous and worried.When you start to enjoy this process and try new things, you will be greatly improved in your body and mind.


Overall, wearing erotic underwear is an interesting and exciting thing, which can help you better understand yourself and enhance self -confidence.If you encounter some difficulties, you can solve it through the above suggestions.The end result is that you will feel beautiful and charming when you wear sexy underwear.

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