Where does China make sexy underwear

Where does China make sexy underwear

In modern society, sexy underwear, as a unique woman, is becoming more and more popular with women.So where does China make sexy underwear?This article will introduce you to which cities in China can find sexy underwear manufacturers.

1. Guangzhou

As a large manufacturing province, Guangzhou in Guangdong is one of the three major centers of China’s sexy underwear manufacturing.There are many types of sexy underwear produced in Guangzhou, including beautiful back underwear, sexy underwear, transparent underwear, etc.In addition, there are many sexy underwear merchants in Guangzhou, which is an important distribution center for the sex underwear industry.

2. Hangzhou

Hangzhou is another important center of China’s sexy underwear industry and is famous for its high -quality and fashionable sexy underwear.There are many interesting underwear brand creative and design teams in this city, which can meet different needs in the market.

3. Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Wenzhou is another well -known sexy underwear production base in China, and is known as the "city kingdom" of China’s sexy underwear.The sexy underwear here is sexy and passionate, and the colors and shapes are very attractive.Because of the large market demand, Wenzhou has become one of China’s largest sexy underwear production bases.

Fourth, Fujian Quanzhou

Fujian Quanzhou is one of the largest export production bases in China’s sexy underwear.The sexy underwear produced here is based on lace, hook flowers, silk, etc. as the main materials. It has a variety of styles and exquisite styles. It is an wholesale supplier in many countries and regions.

5. Jiangsu Suzhou

There are many sexy underwear production bases in Jiangsu Province, which is the most famous for Suzhou.Suzhou’s sexy underwear brand is known for its unique design and stylish style, which is a highlight of China’s sexy underwear industry.

6. Yiwu

China’s Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market and an important part of China’s sexy underwear industry.The sexy lingerie is complete here, with affordable prices and suitable for various needs.

Seven, Shenzhen

Shenzhen is one of the Chinese sexy underwear production bases. The sexy lingerie here is diverse and the price is reasonable.Because Shenzhen is closer to Hong Kong, the sexy underwear here is widely favored by female consumers in Hong Kong.

Eight, Foshan

Foshan is an important city in Guangdong Province and an important base for China’s sexy underwear industry.The sexy underwear manufacturers here are characterized by small -scale flexible production methods, because the market response is timely and sensitive, which can better meet market demand.

Nine, Shanghai

Shanghai is synonymous with Chinese fashion, and the sexy underwear market here is also lively.Here are many sex underwear brands, complete varieties, stylish styles, and are suitable for different consumer needs.

Ten, Beijing

Although Beijing is not the main production base of Chinese sex lingerie, the sexy underwear market here is very prosperous.There are many brands suitable for different consumer groups, with moderate prices and sufficient supply.

in conclusion

Although the question of making sexy underwear in China cannot be briefly answered, in this article, we introduced several major production bases in China’s sexy underwear industry. These cities have their own characteristics and advantages.Consumers can find suitable products in the sexy underwear markets of these cities according to their needs.

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