Which shop is sold in Kunming’s sexy underwear

Which shop is sold in Kunming’s sexy underwear

With the gradual opening of people’s ideas, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in the market.Kunming, as a modern city, includes many sexy underwear shops.However, everyone knows that sexy underwear is relatively private, and it is not suitable for publicity in the streets. So which shops are sold in Kunming’s sexy underwear?

1. Adult products store

Adult products stores are the first place to sell sexy underwear that everyone thinks of. There are some adult products stores in Kunming, such as Bauhinia, Hey Chain Store, Yipin Building and so on.

These shops not only sell sexy underwear, but also other adult products.Due to the sales of adult products, the stores generally set up hidden regions in the room to show these products to protect consumers’ privacy and safety.

2. Taobao

Taobao, as one of the largest online shopping platforms in China, can also help you find the sexy underwear you need.Open the Taobao APP and browse women’s underwear categories, you will find that many sellers sell sexy underwear, as well as a variety of styles and brands for you to choose from.It should be noted that before buying, be sure to see the relevant information such as the size.

Which shopping malls

In addition to the above two situations, some shopping malls also sell sexy underwear.For example, for malls, the shopping environment is relatively private and the price is relatively high. Therefore, many brands of sexy underwear choose to sell in high -end malls.

High -end shopping malls such as Kunming’s Jinde Tiandi, Wanda Plaza, and Parkson Shopping Center all have sales of sexy lingerie brands. The brands are diverse and very rich.And shopping in the mall, there are professional after -sales service and guarantee, more assured.

Fourth, sexy underwear brand stores

Like clothing, there are many brand stores in sex underwear. These stores mainly sell sexy underwear of their own brands.For example, there are many brand stores in Kunming, such as Vococo Silk, Jason first, and SORITA Ruiying. If you like these brands, you may wish to go directly to their stores to buy favorite sexy underwear.

Five, niche sexy underwear shop

In addition to the sales and display of online stores, brand stores, adult products stores and shopping malls, there are some niche sexy underwear stores quietly emerging in the alleys in Kunming City.They are usually small in scale and need to be understood by more people through word -of -mouth publicity.For example, Vestein and Zhao Mei have fun underwear brands that have their own small shops, hoping that more people can discover them.

6. Night Market Stalls

The night market that can be close to the lives of citizens is also a way to buy sexy underwear.In the night market in Kunming City, many stalls can also be found to sell sexy underwear, especially some women -oriented stalls. This small stall’s sexy lingerie style is generally low -key, interesting elements, and prices are also prices.Cheap.

Seven, personal advertising

In addition to offline channels, many people often see many people sell their sexy underwear in personal advertisements.These people can advertise and sell their products on major websites and major social platforms.Compared with the sexy underwear on Taobao, the price of these personal advertisements may be lower. Before buying, you need to distinguish the credibility and quality to ensure that it is not fraud.

Eight, others

In addition to the above -mentioned sexy underwear sales methods, Kunming’s sexy underwear also has other sales methods, such as Weishang, friends introduced, and so on.When looking for a sales channel that suits you, you still need to do more comparison and check before buying.

In general, if you want to buy a sexy underwear in Kunming, then you can go to adult products stores and malls, or you can choose to buy in Taobao, brand stores and night market stalls.However, no matter what channels to buy sexy underwear, you need to choose cautiously in order to protect your privacy.

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