Why do men dislike underwear

Regarding men’s dislike of sexy underwear, this is a problem encountered by most women when buying such clothing.Why do some men feel that sexy underwear is an unnecessary or sexy representative?This article will analyze the cause of men’s dislike underwear and propose some solutions.

Paragraph 1: Put attention in another aspect

Men generally believe that sexy underwear is a tool for diverting attention. When women wear them, they seem to lead themselves into a world of "role -playing games", even if this is not the case in real life.In fact, this statement is not entirely correct, because the sex of the sex underwear is focused on the body’s beauty and silk -like touch. It is not a medium that is used to cover up or divert attention.Therefore, women can appropriately adjust men’s views on sexy underwear, so that he focuses more on the beauty of the body, not the aspect of toys and role -playing.

Paragraph 2: It is best to wait until the relationship is stable and talk about it

Another reason is that if the relationship between the husband and wife is unstable and women always promotes the sexy underwear to men enthusiastically, then the dislike of men may be stronger.Therefore, it is best to wait until the relationship becomes stable and then consider introducing the topic of sexy underwear.After the relationship is stable, men’s disgusting emotions will gradually dissipate.

Paragraph 3: Gradually introduce sexy underwear

Gradually introducing sexy underwear into daily life can reduce the dislike of men, rather than showing him all of them at once.Try to put on simple shirts or pants, or wear some more sexy clothes at lunch or dinner.By gradually increasing the sexy sensitivity of men, weaken his disgusting emotions for sexy underwear.

Paragraph 4: Avoid certain styles

Some styles of sexy underwear may trigger a man’s disgust.For example, too exposed or conspicuous sexy underwear may cause unstable emotions in men’s hearts.You know, most men are very conservative in terms of sex, especially when they are unpredictable, they sometimes have difficulty adapting to changes, which is one of the reasons why they are in trouble.

Paragraph 5: Psychological coordination

Men who are alive in the underwear may need to accept this new thing within a period of time, so it is important to keep them in a balance between psychological and emotion.The introduction of sexy underwear should be slow, so that men can adapt to this new thing.Women can spend time to gradually adapt their partners to this new way.

Duan 6: Give yourself some confidence in psychological perspective

Women’s own psychological state has a vital impact on whether men’s acceptance of sexy underwear.If women are not confident or uncomfortable, then the introduction of sexy underwear will not have a good effect.In order to make men understand the value of this new thing, women must inject some confidence psychology to themselves, which arouses the enthusiasm of men.

Paragraph 7: Understand the mental state of a man

Understanding a man’s psychological state is the key. This aspect is because sex underwear may trigger a man’s sense of insecurity.Women can pay attention to their body language and exchanges to create a safe environment.When a man feels that he is loved and accepted, the possibility of sensual underwear is also reduced.

Paragraph 8: Dressing must start from nature

Men prefer to see nature and authentic things. Therefore, women should first pay attention to maintaining nature and authenticity before introducing sexy underwear.Keep yourself natural and quiet, and share your new things with men.Make sexy underwear a natural extension, not a way of viewing performance and appearance.

Paragraph 9: Strengthen communication to let the other party understand

If you have sufficient communication with your partner, you can better understand each other’s needs and desires.In this case, you can better accept sexy underwear, and for men, they can understand this new way.Do not actively communicate and do not try to understand each other’s opinions is often the cause of differences and conflicts between two people.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

All in all, men are not because of their bad underwear because of this kind of clothing themselves, but because men’s ideological habits and growth backgrounds.Therefore, women need to give men’s time and trust to understand this new way, and gradually allow men to accept and understand its value.By gradually introducing sexy underwear, not only can eliminate men’s disgusting emotions, but also make women add more sexual interest.

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