Why don’t girlfriend like to wear sexy underwear

Why don’t girlfriends like to wear sexy underwear?

Interest underwear can be said to be a relatively radical product in modern civilization, which makes ordinary underwear products more sexy and charming.However, some women do not have a cold about this.The following is a few reasons that may cause girlfriends to not like to wear sexy underwear.

External pressure

Sometimes, my girlfriend does not like to wear sexy underwear because it has received too much external pressure.In other words, "sexy" is not liked by everyone.In some cases, women are forced to feel that they must wear such underwear, which makes them feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Lack of self -confidence

Fun underwear is suitable for women with confidence and courage.For women who lack confidence and self -esteem, wearing sex underwear may be difficult to do.They will feel that the body shape is not perfect and the appearance is not good enough, so they are worried that wearing a sexy underwear is becoming more and not good enough.

Different personal aesthetics

People have different aesthetics. Some people think that the sexy underwear is sexy and charming, and some people think that this underwear is very tacky and indecent.Therefore, in many cases, girlfriends do not like to wear sexy underwear because they are not the kind of people who like to "fight out".

Comfortable issue

The design of sexy underwear is often more complicated than ordinary underwear, which may cause women to feel uncomfortable and comfortable.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should make sure the product material is comfortable, and you will not feel uncomfortable or itchy when you wear it.

More expensive

The price of sexy underwear is often more expensive, which may cause girlfriends to be unwilling to buy and wear them.If your girlfriend is a more saved person, then you can give her the sexy underwear she want as a gift, making it easier for her to accept this "fresh" underwear.

Not suitable for work occasions

Sex underwear is usually closely related to sex, romance, and joy. If your girlfriend is a professional woman, then she may not want to wear sexy underwear on work.At this time, you need to understand your girlfriend’s psychology and work needs, and arrange appropriate dressing.

Different ways of life

Different lifestyles have a significant impact on people’s dressing habits.If your girlfriend is not a particularly "active" person, then she may think that the sexy underwear is too "wasteful".Therefore, when selling sexy underwear, you have to give your girlfriend enough space and time. After she can understand and accept sexy underwear, she will guide her to wear.

Worried about your health

Before buying sexy underwear, many women are worried that their materials are unhealthy or cause skin allergies.In fact, sexy underwear will be guaranteed in terms of quality and material, but it still needs to pay attention to its impact on physical health to avoid adverse consequences.


In short, if your girlfriend does not like to wear sexy underwear, don’t promote it forcibly or urge.You have to respect her wishes and choices, understand her psychological needs, and believe that one day she will find the sexy lingerie that suits herself.

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